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Cosmetic bag into plastic bags wrapped layer bubble film shop for delivery pri
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Hangzhou, Miss Zhang is one of online shopping, online at least a month about 20 Amoy treasure, can be wrapped by this time she felt a bit strange: "rarely has the packaging cartons are plastic bags, in the Some shop where, if the request cartons, dispensers will also require extra packaging costs 1 yuan. " Following the November courier upward, as the shop prices of consumables carton also reported news: some of the supply business wrap boxing official notice issued by the price adjustment is expected to cost the box next year, but also increase two percent or so. So they had to cut down on packaging shop dispensers, try to use cheaper plastic bags. Shoes simple fragrances are packaged for "Just bought a bottle of perfume, fragile ah, sell home improvement shipped in a plastic bag was." Ms Fung complained, she had bought goods at this shop, I remember last time was with a small carton , and this time she opened plastic bags, bottles of perfume seller Bubble Wrap outside of prison with the shock, and then tightly wrap clear tape. Ms. Lu bought a pair of shoes online, it is packaged into plastic bags. "Packaging, quite neat, but also hard to see the seller, but always felt strange shoes on the bag." She said. "It is no way." Yesterday, the reporter asked a lot of shop shopkeeper, and they are inverted grievances, their own purchase of the carton factory and made a price increase notice, estimate that next year also rose, small trading, had to to streamline the packaging are simplified. From late November, Taobao shop to express the amount of cartons a downward trend. "Unless cartons must be used and can all the modifications into a plastic bag." Drilling a 3 shop staff said. Mr. Han online shoe that does not rule out future single collection of some packing boxes. Sales rose dark courier bags "The two dawn and a price adjustment." Carton sold in a shop in Jiaxing, the hanging of all types of cartons, customer service told reporters the information just price, "this year, rising costs, we have not not raising their prices. "he told reporters at the end of a plan down, raised a total of 4 times this year, price, price increases of 20%, such as a carton rose to 1.45 yuan from 1.75 yuan today. "Many buyers also opened an online shop to restock the natural decrease." He said. With less packaging, sales of dark courier bag is straight up. Shanghai reporter found a seller selling groceries in the shop in a courier package store is in town, the price of 0.15 yuan a shop shopkeeper apparently attracted a lot of buyers are easily five hundred thousand ground alone. Sales records, reporters see, 30 days more than 310,000 have been sold. Taobao Mall, a shop dedicated to selling packaged delivery staff also felt the online store owner, who was a change, "Our customers are shop owners, this time, the purchasing power of their boxes down, more like packaging bags, plastic bags a day to sell thousands of pieces of bubble film is also sold very well. " Actually, the cost has been "preoccupied" in the shop shopkeeper, they may have a loss to understand. Journalists simply forget about the general purchase price of a paper box 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan, the most commonly used delivery shop purchase price of 0.6 yuan box looks like, and about the size of the courier bags as long as 0.2 yuan according to store shipping more than 200 per day calculated on the daily Express can save the cost of 80 yuan. Better packaging, plus a dollar "Plastic bag free, carton packaging fee to pay." Taobao, the reporter saw a lot of sellers out of the shop in their own notice of such price increases should tray. "I was 1 per packing cost." Selling department store of a drill, a shop seller Xiao-Ning told reporters that his shop has just started, he entered the box because the volume is not, can not get the lowest wholesale price, "Before all themselves, and now a price, when compared with the beginning of a box of your hair more than 3, equal to more selling, the more his stick out." He sighed and said, general merchandise are Lee is thin, so last resort is now hanging out "1 per package fee." "This is mainly for those easy pieces of goods, general merchandise if the buyer does not mind, I use courier delivery of the bags." Another flower shop sales, the reporter hung out to see sellers receive 2 million cartons packing information. In response, buyers are racking their brains to save money. "One way or another with a few people to buy, even with packaging, flat down there is less money." Net purchases of people have their own formula in a, so online shopping "fight consumption" as some of the most common hot forum posts.