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Wrapping silage to promote effective Wuqing
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Wuqing level from the Ministry of Agriculture focused on promoting the introduction of dairy feed Wrapping silage success of new technologies, an effective solution to the traditional pit storage feed storage time is short, seasonal merchandise and many other problems. Wuqing 55,000 dairy herds, 480 tons daily output of fresh milk. The healthy development of the dairy industry in this area of 30 acres each year, nearly 50 million tons of corn stalks are fully utilized, is converted into silage. However, traditional storage technology because of the simple pit mildew factors, the actual utilization rate is only 70%, and the cow disease prevention is difficult, segmental chopped poor palatability, especially feed storage time caused by short strictly confined, feed seasonal sold out. To address these issues in a timely manner, Wuqing District authorities introduced a "grass, straw and silage wrapping technology", and the establishment of a mu of corn stalk silage and 2,000 acres of pasture Binding harvest technology demonstration bases. Demonstration effect display, wrapping silage technology is fully mechanized operation, crushed straw, will be bundled package black hair, and then use plastic film wrapping, sealing in good condition could solve the mildew problem, feed in the open storage of up to 2 years, so as to effectively solve the silage storage time is short, seasonal merchandise and other issues. Feed efficiency also increased by nearly 30%, a substantial increase in feed quality.