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Wrapping silage technology to promote small-scale
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Wrapping silage technology to promote small-scale: Wrapping silage technology is widely used in developed countries silage technology, its biggest advantage is that silage quality is good, adapt to different forage crops, stored for a long time, the loss of small, easy to transport, especially for retail and small-scale aquaculture farming community to use. To this end, I stand Wrapping silage forage equipment, the introduction of test demonstration. We take the basis of pilot sites do a good job, and gradually opening up new demonstration sites, a combination of many demonstrations to promote presentation mode, the project implementation period, respectively, in Mentougou, Shunyi, Yanqing, Changping, Tong Xian, Hebei, rivers and other areas (county ) a dozen demonstration sites for the production test, a total of 1.2 million green fodder corn silage wrapping packages, or about 1.2 million kg, wrapping silage corn straw (semi silage) 5283 packets, about 23 million kg, Wrapping Silage 25300 total package, or about 1.43 million kg. Have seven sets of small bale wrapping machine of the kind of production use.