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Our country metal packs the 4 big questions that course of study exists
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Lack high-grade product
At present in the market, overcapacity of bucket of 18 litres of 3 two-piece can, canister, crown, the following chemical industry, capacity of high grade and high-grade high-quality goods is apparently insufficient. Manufacturing small capacity, can ultrathin model the company of coal tub, all sorts of other that fit effect of supermarket goods shelves canister, high-quality goods canister is too little. Breed canister onefold, satisfy the requirement that the industry that pack grows further hard, restricted the development that the metal packs.
The industry is spent centrally inferior
The metallic industry that pack also is the industry that enterprise of medium and small businesses, civilian battalion is in the majority. The common phenomenon of existence is like dimensions small, intensive changes production to spend low, low-level repeat, competition of absorb of quality structure hasten, price. Home year bad news uses tin enterprise of 10 thousand tons of above is controlled about 60 times, beauty of the grain in domestic bibcock enterprise is special (contain cap of the Hua Peng that do not have stannum, Guangzhou time Yu beauty is special) year bad news is 75 thousand tons with tin, produce and sale 800 million yuan. Beauty of the grain in dividing is special outside, still group of new beauty of Beijing abstruse Ruijin, Fujian rises promote group, Fujian fine beauty group, 3 Shui Jianli treasure make Ye of coal tub company, big talk cultivate Mei Lin of the company that make jar, Shanghai to control the company with the bigger dimensions such as coal tub group, with enterprise of dimensions of foreign developed country photograph comparing still has bigger difference.
Excessive count an import
The equipment of metallic container industry relies on an entrance for the most part. At present equipment of the mainstream on international already to digitlization, network, high speed low cost, more the way that environmental protection and human nature change develops, and furnish of bag of Chinese main metal has and depend on entrance situation to had not gotten fundamental change with material. Proposal machinery creates director department, the function that pays close attention to package machine equipment rises, strive for little entrance, be helpful for managing foreign currency. Except imprint iron equipment is amiable outside mist canister equipment, of other equipment introduce should grant discreet, avoid to repeat introduce.
According to the metallic committee that pack an investigation material shows, in last few years aluminium is made play tin market easily year demand wanders in 7 billion, market of tub of steel of cold rolling board year demand makes an appointment with 60 million. Metal can kind with tin material of cold pressing plate is mixed aluminium board is producer goods, belong to hi-tech norms pack with material. Metallic container industry purchased 1.5 million tons of tin 2004, comparative to come from entrance plank; to have additionally partly among them import from abroad former board machine tin-plating in home, make the country gave much foreign currency. Because be opposite,the depend on sb or sth for existence of plank is spent big, when 2003, our country steely course of study was raised 2004 oppose dumping old standard, tin sale price is climbed all the way litre, the industry encountered unprecedented difficulty (already raised price up to now from June 2002 80% above, and the cost that the metal controls place of coal tub course of study to increase, to downstream industry move is not worth 20%) .
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