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Zhejiang province will come on stage feed category bottle, container to pack a s
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Food is packed will have compulsive level

Abandon old CD to be used as the producer goods of infantile feeding bottle unexpectedly, such " poisonous feeder " be opposite extremely likely of children healthy bring harm! CCTV of this message classics " weekly quality reports " after exposure, great echo is caused in countrywide each district. Yesterday, as the Zhejiang that is in charge of a branch the province pledges inspect bureau is opposite first this one incident makes comprehensive response, besides the result of large-scale special inspection that spreads out inside complete province limits before the bulletin, return acceptance general to come on stage inside a month plastic kind, paper kind of food container mandatory general standard and evaluation are regular.

Zhejiang uncover does not have prize enterprise 153 times

By the justice black of CCTV exposure " poisonous feeder " incident raises a mighty uproar in home while, also caused the height that the branch is in charge of related Zhejiang to take seriously.

Begin from May 28, the province pledges inspect bureau and relevant city bureau form group of test of association, to accident ground justice black, Ci Xi was undertaken by the enterprise of exposure the spot is investigated, seal up for keeping in all plastic a makings 763 packets (25Kg/ wraps) , reclaim the feeder of plastic production 1273 box (120 / box) .

Meanwhile, director branch returns the land of main flow direction to problem feeder -- , the geological inspect ministry such as Guangxi, Urumqi, Shijiazhuang, Linyi. The article originates net of the China bottle that pack. The door is given out assist investigate case, requirement they jointly with place industrial and commercial etc the branch finds out problem feeder to flow to and appropriate is handled. Till yesterday, 1146 food use Zhejiang container and tool production company already accepted this entirely " check " , the enterprise of 153 production that do not have mark by " hold tight " come out.

The product such as feeder nipple will suffer " severe accuse "

Finishing right " poisonous feeder " after comprehensive check, the concerned controller that saves qualitative inspect bureau expresses, they still will be packed to the food inside Zhejiang limits henceforth, container production company develops special punish, 3 kinds of products are listed. The article originates net of the China bottle that pack. Into " severe accuse " key, they include feeder nipple and relevant children plastic toy, food lasts film; Product of edible chemical industry, food is mixed with essence, pressure cooker, industry business 6 kinds of products such as scour of alcohol of equipment of food electrothermal processing, edible, tableware; Cosmetic, toothpaste. The province pledges inspect bureau returns area of safety of will farther perfect food to superintend system of job responsibility, strengthen pair of problems the early-warning forecast of relevant product, ensure superintendency job is enclothed completely, early-warning and lash-up response are seasonable and effective.
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