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m-real paper mill production line investment tray shrink wrapping
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Companies from Germany MSK MSK Flowtech shrink film packaging technology mainly for paper and folding carton industry. M-real expects the help of this technology has the industry's most competitive, most efficient production line production One. In early 2006 the first batch of equipment has been installed. In order to meet the growing productivity of the factory, these devices are more than 100 pallets per hour, according to the production speed and design, it completes the entire tray area Any kind of production orders. Size is usually four films, according to the different height of the tray automatically select the appropriate film. Rolls significantly increased the level of the membrane unit volume replacement cycle, but also makes the replacement process more Simple. Before the wrapping, automated positioning equipment Products can detect and correct the dislocation of pallet stacking objects, this feature impressive. MSK's high-performance binding machine and a frame work of contraction, which is commonly used in paper industry in sharp contrast shrink tunnel, shrink tunnel cost savings often can not meet the higher requirements in terms of quality and performance Not satisfactory. This equipment as new technology is still hot air gas heat shrink holder - MSK Synchrotech. It consists of two control system, able to control the contractile ring of long and short side edges. The system can be heated without mechanical adjustments On the basis of Article large for wrapping pallets of different sizes. Systolic frame can automatically adjust to achieve the perfect, and can automatically adjust to a variety of sizes. Compared with the shrink tunnel, the technology base in the high safety standards On the basis of energy conservation, and it is in the contraction process to be completed by loading pressure. In the future, M-real, whether the company after the cut paper products, mill products and new, will shrink with this new packaging line to handle. In addition to providing semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet shrink loading Film packaging and stretch film packaging equipment outside, MSK tray also provide logistical transport technology and plant transmission systems. MSK company reliability and safety of the machine set the highest standards, the company has to target different customer Known for innovation. MSK sales and marketing director Uwe Jonkmanns said: "We will test center in the customer's product testing for each client the best handling and packaging methods, and work with customers to analyze. Customer experience required Requirements combined with our unique system and method, we can offer customers a real competitive advantage. "