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Medicines and chemical reagents of future of influence of 3 index general packs
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Afterwards is discharged to pharmacy industry water pollution reach toxicant to discharge after having standard set, the another commodity that aims to be packed inside to include drug " thin body " the limitative standard that pack also is in brew in

A few days ago, total bureau of national qualitative check is held " limitative commodity is excessive the byelaw that pack (draft) " (next weighing " byelaw " ) legislative hearing, all circles that includes enterprise, guild, consumer to wait inside is represented around " the space that pack is led " , " the number of plies that pack " , " the cost that pack " , " legal responsibility " waited for a problem to offer respective viewpoint and proposal.

The personage inside course of study points out, if " byelaw " carry out, partial medicines and chemical reagents is packed and most health care tastes the future that pack to encounter the likelihood compulsive " thin body " .

3 old standards are compulsive thin body

In recent years, the excessive problem that pack highlights our country merchandise increasingly, waste resource not only, aggravate environment is polluted, also harm consumer interest, social all circles is intense to this report, incessant Yu Er of criticism. Do investigation understanding according to legal system of the State Council, in the rubbish of 200 million tons of life that our country produces every year, having 40 million tons is packing, among them a lot of belong to excessive pack, and pack litter every year to throw away for nothing only 280 billion yuan, add rubbish to process charge, it is the expenditure with not small brushstroke more. "Urgent need publishs the country relevant code, cast off at present cannot the situation that can depend on, guide manufacturing company resource conservation actively, severity punishs the excessive behavior that pack, the standard packs an industry, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumer. " Liu Zhaobin of director of department of code of total bureau of national qualitative check says so.

As we have learned, european Union, United States, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taiwan area have opposite to spend pack give limitative code and standard. However, our country is at present excessive without special limitation still the legal laws and regulations that pack, be in only " clean production promotes a doctrine " the 20th the 2nd have a principle regulation in the paragraph: "The enterprise ought to undertake to the product reasonable pack, reduce the generation of the overspend of the material that pack and trash of the sex that pack. " at the same time, " circular economy standard (draft) " in be reclaim with decreasing to resource is used up and facilitate use two respects to make principle provision, also spend without opposite pack this one specific item to have very meticulous specification.

Regard our country as the technical code on the first real significance, " byelaw " main in order to have mandatory national level is a foundation. " byelaw " (draft) in all 7 chapters 44, the key counterpoises to section material and dimension two respects raise a requirement, core depends on " degree " , why be so that the businessman is limitted better, " excessive " . Liu Zhaobin says frankly, " byelaw " (draft) the difficulty that draft is in " degree " on, how limit different commodity " excessive pack " , carry out index of a few figures, need is perfected ceaselessly about mandatory national level, in order to provide technical basis.
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