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Content shedding development is driven pack change
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Of the swift and violent development as modern science and technology and trend of global economic integration strengthen, content shedding serves as a kind of advanced organization means and administrative concept to be accepted extensively. Our country each are big in the city is built in succession or preparing to construct area of garden of content shedding industry and content spread base, if Shenzhen will be inside time of a few short years,build western hillock of port area, saline port area, bamboo shoot is river of one clear water, airport, smooth lake, Long Hua, south 8 old other people shed hill, Long Gang garden area. Digitlization, network, informatization, dimensions changes the one big subject that becomes our country content to sort development, the tripartite thing that provides service of all-around, unifinication for broad client flows, quick, convenience " much style through traffic " , convenient and seasonable " Just In Time " removed for both sides of produce and sale trouble back at home. However, the substance that high speed develops sheds course of study to be opposite carrier of flow of goods -- pack also raised taller requirement, the article sorts the development that our country packs in light of the demand angle of pair of function that pack from modern other people just about.

Well-known, commodity should be experienced inevitably " carry " , " assemble and unassemble " , " manage in the library " , " pack " " deserve to send " , " current treatment " and " information processing " a few large segment, among them the stand or fall that commodity packs is crucial in content shedding system, it affects content to shed a system directly the sufficient play of each link quality. Contemporary pack shed a system to comply with content the requirement of each link, serve for flow of goods better, its function already no longer on meaning of tradition of bureau be confined to " accommodate " , " protection " , " convenience " and " sales promotion " 4 big functions, hold concurrently even however facilitate " carry " , " assemble and unassemble " , " manage in the library " , " intelligent identifying " , " information is delivered " wait for a function. Accordingly, contemporary packed the development that sorts to get used to content to present the following state:

One, the collect outfit of container is changed, informatization

Carrying a respect, as " much style through traffic " , " compound and consistent pattern " of carriage means appear, these two kinds of container use container and tray increasing, the developed country closes to always be made for international answer of the center with container transport carry, always carrying 80 % already were occupied in packing, this is greatly convenient of scattered groceries pack. Use container of have enough to meet need to install groceries to need to make be packed first with corrugated box, tray only can conveniently deposit, custodial, avoid damage of goods. And the goods in the box when introducing large container and motion of tray road change trains need not pour outfit, transhipment of through cargo, have a change of luck has as a whole in content shedding process, can be restricted namely and prevent to produce damage of goods, can improve efficiency of have a change of luck again.
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