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DATASENSOR released for packaging and wrapping machinery testing equipment
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Based on the pharmaceutical and food industry needs special consideration, DATASENSOR special focus on new packaging and wrapping machinery for the control equipment detection devices. Process control in the pharmaceutical packaging plays a very important role, because the overall product safety must be guaranteed to avoid contamination or deterioration. S65 DATASENSOR launched by a Z-line detection of grating sensors and DS1 DATASENSOR very unique new products. After a reflective sensor S65 Z hit a beam of light in a reflective belt. The reflection of light to bring both the sensor to measure the position of moving objects, size and integrity, but also to detect the size of 150mm 1mm difference within Differences or defects. Z $ 65, especially for a solid pharmaceutical position, size and integrity of the control, such as pills, tablets and capsules into the pill boxes, blister and bar, and placed in the buffer of the machine as a product, such as forming , Filling, embedding, capsule machinery on the. DS1 test grating by a multi-beam grating transmitter and the receiver of a grating corresponding form. The receivers can be based on the grating of the received light to determine the location and height of objects in the range of 300mm Within the resolution of 4mm. DS1 grating instrument for those who will be the final packaging of products from the buffer zone to the test machine applications, such as strapping machine, box and carton forming machines. DATASENSOR the S65 is a set of Z and the DS1 standard used in automated packaging machinery and special part of optoelectronic devices, automated packaging machinery with Italy in the "packaging of Silicon Valley," said Emilia Rome Line a large area in the industrial zone development over 30 years.