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Stretch Wrapping Systems Group of efficient production to meet the Sysco
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Provision of equipment: rotary arm stretch wrapping system "We use rotating arm stretch wrapping systems to further enhance the company's production capacity, I really believe that this investment in a year's time will be able to recover the costs." Sysco Group was established in 1970, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company take "systems and services company," the first letter of several words in its name. Currently, Sysco has grown to major North American "outdoor cooked food" suppliers, in fiscal year 2004, the income is to reach 293 billion U.S. dollars. Sysco Group factory in Vancouver, 20 minutes from Vancouver's port city of Coquitlam (British Columbia Province), covering 180,000 square feet and employs 450 people. The frequency of its three distribution centers all day every day running, as the British Columbia province, more than 4,000 different food service industry customers. "We have only two days at Christmas and New Year to temporarily suspend production," the factory of Mr. Richard Wilson, vice president of operations said. According to his estimates, this busy factory now has more than 1,000 suppliers to deal with 8,900 different SKU (stock unit). Wilson said, Sysco Vancouver, British Columbia Province, the factory is the industry leader, delivering frozen food, seafood, fresh meat and poultry, groceries, fresh produce, food processing equipment and all kinds of daily necessities. Rotating arm stretch wrapping system used to further improve the company productivity Wilson estimates, Sysco Vancouver factory output in a standard 900 days to a fully loaded pallet, with the Wulftec International (Quebec, Ayer's Cliffe) provided by two rotating arm stretch wrapping system put into use, its capacity will be increased. Wulftec International is a global packaging machinery giant MJ Maillis Group, a subsidiary of stretch wrapping equipment manufacturing. Wulftec companies in the province of British Columbia GF Packaging seller is responsible for Sysco Corporation has two factories in Vancouver stretch wrapping equipment. One of them is on-site installation of WRT-150 rotary arm stretch wrapping system, installed at the factory of the "cold loading platform" on; while a WRT-100 Stretch Wrapping type of system is installed in the dry loading and unloading stage from the entrance of the factory to receive close to 11. Rotating arm stretch wrapping system used to improve production safety and improve efficiency Wulfte stretch wrap machine of these two companies after installation, its performance can be described as flawless. Wilson said: "The safety of workers increased almost 100 times." Wilson explained: "These machines can be very easy to change film, do not roll in the middle of stringing materials. This is a more efficient machines, better than our previous, can provide better quality stretch." Use rotating arm stretch wrapping system to further save packing material "Compared to the past, we can easily save a 1 / 3 of the film, but this is not because things become easy loading," Wilson said: "Instead, we are the original cartons square, better handling, Now that the Price Club store to deal with packaging, we deal with the difficulty of actually increased. " "However, despite this, we are now using less film, about 80 volumes per month. We also started wrapping the recovery from our customers there will be wrapping back, and then sold to local plastic recyclers , and then create a plastic product, such as fencing, ornaments, bottles and so on. " Stretch wrap machine on the WRT series WRT Series stretch wrapping machine with heavy steel structures and no threading patented pre-tension power technology, designed to give customers 50% to 300% of the pre-tensile properties, to improve grip strength, optimize film performance. WRT series of products can choose a variety of binding formats to handle all types of products, size and shape, the rotation speed of the arm can turn up to 15 per minute. WRT stretch wrap machine by a Allen-Bradley PLC control, and equipped with Rockwell Automation provides advanced Allen-Bradley AC variable frequency drive, monitor, simple, and can be adjusted during operation. In addition, WRT stretch wrap machine also installed a low maintenance fully enclosed motor and the circuit with a built-in alarm diagnosis and so on. Wilson said: "The stretch wrapping machine with rollers on the very flexible material, we will never need to replace the drum." In addition, the two machines for easy cleaning of the structure and design also makes it the perfect food industry production environment choice.