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Division carton shapes in equipment 1/6 price is alluring
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Container makes paper the production of equipment is broad and profound, include corrugated box to make equipment, carton make chipboard of equipment, beehive and paper box produce model of equipment, pulp to produce equipment to wait, the products of paper of rare our country that pack makes equipment trade but all sorts of include among them, get one of 2 elite to all also can show its elegant demeanour, it is in home with carton forming machine only exemple, still be not those who be like 4 kinds of offset press at home, show the sign that let a hundred flowers blossom.

Introductory carton shapes before equipment manufacturer, still answer situation of home of know a little about, according to Hui Cong the net is interviewed be informed, at present home shapes to carton far from is achieved " automation " popularize level, those who be full of meantime is the most primitive make artificially, rate is achieved 90% , the inferior position clearly on sex of its work efficiency, environmental protection, cost. Should make heaven and earth of high-grade high-quality goods build the carton such as shoe box, shirt box, underwear box, gift box, food box, hardware box, if not be willing " awakward " the ground does it with handiwork, of the entrance too expensive, be afraid can not afford, all need like Italy and American equipment 5 million, japan needs 200 much, germany needs 600 much, unless large paper container processing factory, bear hard otherwise. But the to development longing of compatriots does not see an end greatly as the heart of enthusiast, and the merciless place of market economy depends on, chinese herring eats slow fish, big fish to eat small fish, good fish to have bad fish, must realize soberly, advanced carton of abroad shapes equipment swarms into the China, environmental protection function to carton to ask to rise, will be inevitable trend, be like in recent years with " those who get an atmosphere first " and the Wen Zhou city that surmounts Guangdong almost, some imprints Wu company to achieve " forestall " Wen Zhou is high-grade of the market of carton " ambition " , not hesitate the carton that weighed gold to introduce Italy shapes equipment, its are as a result: The client that has relevant demand casts eye in succession to it.

Unwilling to lag behind, certain carton shapes technology or the professional personage from setting of course of study, in had an insight into after market current situation and foreground, shape through introducing technology or carton of own research and development in succession equipment, the sexual value that tries to be changed with mainland serves than reaching, occupational market. Market rule is, content with rare for expensive, when the market when some product did not gain ground, "Times of sudden huge profits " reasonable talk going up is existence.

Net of China's banner B2B website Hui Cong, its data shapes to studying domestic carton undoubtedly equipment manufacturer, agent has fair referenced value. Hui Cong net rolls out " buying and selling is connected " business shop, it may be said " all appropriate " shop, free or collect fees business spreads everything needed is ready, attracted lots and lots of businessmen to come round to spread. The author is in home page of Hui Cong net in the search toolbar of one screen upper part, input " carton forming machine " , in not eliminate repeats a circumstance to fall, have 117, make or agential home basically is installed in luck centrally, the economy such as Jin Jiang, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Fosan, Zhongshan relatively develop city. Fine fine observation, these businessmen have a plenty of manufacturer, have a plenty of an agent, and the agent acts as agent more the carton of a few famouser manufacturer shapes equipment. Package machine limited company issues the section in bringing city with luck among them " intelligence is full automatic heaven and earth builds carton forming machine " information is most, the author introduces below.
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