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Machine of Lambda intelligence ticket
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Machine of Lambda intelligence ticket, also say wireless radio frequency identifies systematic tag opportunity, it is a kind of choice below Lambda printing machine line, lambda printing machine still can be configured individual or many method, have the operation of many components at the same time even. Of intelligent label make with traditional label presswork have very big difference. Above all, intelligence is the radio frequency circuit that waits for composition by chip, antenna, and label is presswork by label craft makes radio frequency circuit is had commercialize value. The chip layer of intelligent label can use paper, polyethylene, polyester, the material such as textile is enclosed and undertake pressworking even, make the label of card of paper of not dry glue, paper, tag or other type. Chip is the key of intelligent label, by its special structure is decided, use commonly presswork first facing, again as compound as chip layer, the model is cut. The core of intelligent label is the radio frequency circuit that contains chip and sensor, interior contains but the integrated circuit that the program changes and antenna, can pass wireless radio frequency signal and read those who write a program to have news to receive and transmit, have a product to differentiate, prevent bogus, guard against theft, management to wait through a variety of functions, it is the product that uses extensively at present of form code label upgrade and replace a product. Intelligent label has prevent the literacy that collide, can read at the same time write many electrons ticket. Intelligent label can carry data, the data that can store its chip middleman and guarantor gets stuck through be being read technically implement, with wireless means fast speedread is taken and adapt, very convenient. Intelligent label can be accomplished when use need not connect line, beardless power source, beardless contact, and the change that can abound in the generation on rate of radio frequency frequency. In intelligent label, but embedded the interior of a variety of material is characteristic, wide application manages storage content to shed series to dog at asset of monitoring of product identifying quality the domain such as management. The marked characteristic of machine of Lambda intelligence ticket is P500 of tower Ma Lake wireless radio frequency identifies a system to embed module can serve as inside embed the solution below a kind of built-in line, presswork highestly speed is minutely 50 meters. This equipment pressworks by England equipment manufacturer loves to amount to Er company to roll out. Current, aidaer already established a branch in American Yindianna.