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Avoid revolutionarily rinse Mistral of heat quick forme to appear
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A kind avoid revolutionarily rinse heat quick forme, offer high grade, convenient presswork with what Gao Yin measures. The forme that this need not rinse uses the most advanced heat quick technology, forme needs a few minutes only achievable formation of a imagine and equipment imprint, absolved rinse processing and bring the process of heavy and complicated that extend, high cost, incur loss through delay and image change to wait for a problem. Of Mistral presswork line number can be amounted to to 300lpi or taller, sum the character that its Gao Yin measures, make its apply to a variety of utility.

Avoid rinsed forme Mistral falling without baking the circumstance of edition, its imprint the quantity evens more 400 thousand times, and need not convert special printing ink or cistern fluid, also need not change the original set of printing machine. Like needing to resemble printing plate of other and common planography only, apply Mistral at their original operation. Mistral is hot quick forme can issue processing in sunlight, need not arrange undertake in black room or special working environment. In addition, mistral has macrobian character, make run more convenient.

The optimal supplement Mistral of machine of Galileo Talant direct plate making most apply to the Galileo Talant with brand-new hair love a gram to avoid rinse computer system of direct plate making. Both cooperate to use, it is the exactest site to also can be shown come out, achieve first-rate to solution elephant is spent and presswork expression. When 2400dpi solves an elephant to spend, galileo Talant can output the Mistral forme of 9 pieces of 44.5 □ within a hour, bring for typographer convenient reach presswork high gradely operation. Mistral is compatible also at other admissive ablation sex heat quick system.

Mistral of hair of gram of love of plan of direct plate making and Galileo Talant supply computer of whole hair love a gram the computer of comprehensive sex is direct plate making plan, make forme and system of formation of a imagine ideal cooperate, achieve more high grade reach more reliable presswork the effect. The site technology that Agfa offers advanced job to pledge flow, high for the client, number hits draft, fast help to serve, and the other configuration that place of direct plate making needs computer.