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New-style polyurethane reacts inject machine develops a success
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Center of ability of Taiwan area shoe develops successful sole polyurethane recently (machine of PU) reaction inject, its biggest advantage depends on can making the sole with the poriferous interior that gives honeycomb form and outer sincere, the hardness of sole and density can be adjusted according to need.
PU reacts the characteristic of inject machine includes: Use screw to be produced from clear pattern, pollute a problem without flotsam and dissolvent; PU color creams kind is added outside using, change color fast; Screw uses direct drive means, change without leather belt and noise problem; Use man-machine interface electronic-controlled system, look of manufacturing parameter set is provided. Now, the exit specified number with automatic inject annual machine makes an appointment with Taiwan sole money of 2 billion yuan of new stations, 20% what take market of international inject machine. After put into production of engine of PU reaction inject, taiwan inject machine year exit forehead is expected to raise money of 3 billion yuan of new stations, occupy the 30% above of the international market.