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New generation is self-lubricating plastic linear driver
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Message of EAST PROVIDENCE of American collect De Ailan, igus® company rolls out more original treatment implement the new-style and linear driver of inferior installation height and lighter weight. At present the client is had when designing system of compact and linear driver do not need to maintain, self-lubricating, option of light qualitative driver.

The installation of DryLin®ZLW-0630 is 1.22 inches only highly. This small qualitative unit - by linear of gear wheel leather belt driver is comprised, its drive equipment has horniness positive pole to eletroplate aluminous, guide of DryLin W compact linear, unit of Iglide®J plastic slippage and plastic down-lead end - highest to system of 2 feet of stroke it is 1.76 pounds only. DryLin ZLW-0630 returns applicable at most high speed is every second in 6.5 inches high speed motion.

DryLin ZLW can be used at small load of fast fixed position and applicable is packed at be like in domain of a lot of industry, automation, medical treatment technology and food and beverage are produced.

"The first linear driver of Igus company - of DryLin ZLW compact model product - the ideal that is pair of DryLin product automation line is compensatory. " the say of Matt Mowry of DryLin product manager of Igus company. "This kind of new-style system is had pledge gently, do not need the character of maintenance and applicable is adjusted at demand, compact linear uses a field unitly. Compact linear uses a field unitly..