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"Clever " pack simple machine
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Milk, yoghurt, ketchup, fruit juice, these liquid products also can be packed so! No matter want to package the liquid product of what type, ecoclean can offer innovation and satisfactory solution. If say to was in the past when the milk that pack, still need to wrap bagging for milk additional offer a kind of plastic recipient, so that milk bag can erect place. So the new generation that Ecoclean rolls out packages bag of product, not only OK and erect place, and manage changes sex character to stabilize and use easily. On one hand, this kind of bag that pack discards bulk is not constituted when dealing with after use, and on the other hand, what it uses is environmental protection material. Have again even if: Pack photograph comparing with chipboard, this kind of bag that pack need not the package machine with expensive form a complete set.
When new chiliad comes, ecoclean, this packing enterprise that comes from Sweden rolled out the their brand-new solution that pack formally to the market. And include special type to pack material Ecoclean Calymer among them. It by the calcium carbonate of about 40% (natural lime) composition, polymer of use high polymer serves as adhesive. This those who be located in Helsingborg specialization the enterprise that pack, use the newest craft that pack and technology completely, the meeting specific application according to the client, in order to measure the way with custom-built body, for them development packs product line, install through including fill workstation and the workstation that pack inside mechanical equipment, realize liquid product pack.
"When mechanical component type selecting, besides the technology, the ability of the supplier also is us should think above all " , the Sebastian Ekelund of engineer of research and development of Ecoclean introduces so. The structure that the packing form of innovation makes set package is mechanical can become simpler, raising labor productivity and dependability while, still reduced maintain cost. Additional, as package machine structure simplify further, make a machine needs an operation staff only, can complete all operations on equipment.
No matter be large company, still be small business, every client can from obtain over there Ecoclean according to its the requirement is packed custom-builtly. And become to what these had printed be in order roll pack, the client needs to feed them package machine only next can. Deliver to a client wholesome and sealed processing is passed entirely before becoming a material that pack to leave factory, be being fed after package machine, every are packed will by early or late from pack coil to depart, with meanwhile, the brim on its will be dissectioned. To Ecoclean LeanAir (LA) pack, it uses room of two antrum that pack, one among them has stable effect: Above all, in packing liquid product fill an antrum room. Next, in room of the 2nd antrum criterion perfusion air.
Ecoclean LeanBase (LB) the bag pretends to be system of single accent room, need a working procedure only, namely outfit of liquid product fill. Plus final heal process, the whole process that pack lasts only 2.4 seconds. And companion is installed as cutty fill time and the healthful craft that pack, can ensure the liquid product that is assembled by fill maintains stable quality first and last.
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