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New-style number imprints machine: Alter offset print and digital black-and-whit
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In new-style number printing machine, the most active likelihood should be counted continuous chromatic printing machine. Because great majority is continuous,chromatic printing machine decides target lock in individuation routine file and straight mail presswork the market, so they won't transfer to digital black-and-white to offset print produce too big effect.

Two products may alter offset print and digital black-and-white future. The first is printing machine of Kodak Stream concept, although it is type of a concept only, but the first type of production that Kodak company rolls out is continuous chromatic printing machine, its presswork width is 50 centimeters (20 inches) , will be in formal 2010 throw on the market. From the point of the specimen page that has produced, this printing machine not only have can assume office with current market printing machine of number of high quality of He Yi money rivals presswork quality, and can bring for the user rapidder rate and lower moving cost. Kodak company still expresses to will be rolled out 2013 presswork width is 30 inches Stream printing machine.

A product is printing machine of color of ink jet of new-style web of HP Inkjet Web Press. This product is had the fastest presswork speed (2600 pages / minute) , the widest presswork width of cloth (76 centimeters) the moving cost with lowest.

Although the cost of this color printing machine (the cost of page of every A4 color under 0.01 dollars) want next year when equipment of the 2nd quarter appears on the market formally, ability is announced, but analyse from the relevant data that acquires this facility, this is one reforms model printing machine, also be the first can be changed truly at the same time presswork the digital printing machine of the market. It can make a press new ponder over the means of own deal, right vivid undertake be manufacturinged group by group. This kind has black-and-white kind according to client demand can the risk that utmost ground reduces a press, mix for their managing and much production store cost.

In addition, this printing machine still can change the producer style of newspaper on certain level. Previously, newspaper can undertake pressworking on blame coated paper only, and now, HP company has begun to consider to be in the solution of high quality newspaper pressworks on coated paper.

So in offset print domain, gauss international is about to roll out the M-600 web printing machine that deserves to VITS cuts paper plant, and what the level uses below the premise that this printing machine is not using desiccator is odd piece of paper printing ink in coated paper aspirant travel pressworks. The productivity of printing machine of gauss company new-style M-600 can reach offset press of paper of face of common odd Zhang Shuang double or 3 times, and cost and operation requirement however with former do not have 2 send.

This shows, in prospective day, odd piece paper offset print will get low end the number pressworks and the strong impact of high-end web offset print.
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