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Box of our country paper pressworks and presswork equipment develops a tendency
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Our country in 20 centuries box of the paper before 70 time pressworks engineering technology is quite backward, paper box pressworks at that time use monochromatic offset press to presswork on box side character and design, if want to imprint,2 kinds are about to be divided in offset press second presswork, imprint next the face arrives again working procedure of the line below answer face, reentrance distributes machine of made of baked clay back up paper, pressure bag, cut corner, whole craft process is very complex, use manual sculpture component is edition of skin of rubber edition zinc two kinds. Offset print pressworks main drawback is printing ink dry, rate is slow, it is manual rate sending paper is slower, labor intensity is high, oily printing ink must clean Chinese ink to boil with benzine cause pollution. This kind of backward craft already disappeared thoroughly at present.

Introduce international to presswork equipment, the change pressworks backward appearance 70 time later period reachs 20 centuries 80 time are prime, the Shanghai of the paper box company that our country has certain dimensions, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Wuhan takes the lead in introducing ability in swimming to print groover from Japan, its main characteristic is speed fast, automatic or semi-automatic send paper, corrugated fibreboard pressworks directly box side, printing ink of ability in swimming is dry rate is rapid, 2 kinds trichromatic can finish presswork, improve manufacturing efficiency, and join much talk working procedure, presswork, cent is cut, line ball is finished, reduce labour force and labor intensity, printing ink of ability in swimming can clean Chinese ink to boil with tap water, very convenient, free from contamination. Industry of machinery of box of our country paper imitates Japanese type ability in swimming to presswork in succession groover, general at that time production single entry, double lubricious ability in swimming pressworks groover. As the ceaseless development of product line of chipboard of arris of our country each other, ability in swimming pressworks flooey opportunity is quite economic, accord with box of our country paper completely to presswork technical revolution, implementation paper box pressworks the first time that the technology grows leaps.

Absorb international paper box to presswork advanced technique creativity develops device of printing machine instrument 90 time later period, develop quickly ceaselessly as course of study of case of paper of arris of our country each other, to international advanced presswork technical country introduces the ability in swimming such as France, United States, Japan, Germany and Taiwan area to presswork the model is cut machine, wait for a country under law, beautiful, day, heart greatly as a result of Taiwan equipment price, accordingly, taiwan pressworks equipment has absolutely advantage in our country market, especially Guangdong basically is Taiwan equipment. In this period, the technologist of industry of machinery of box of our country paper is gone to in succession advanced presswork technical state study makes an on-the-spot investigation, induct advanced technique and presswork equipment, industries of some printing machine tool and United States, Japan and Taiwan area undertake technical collaboration introduces advanced electric, mechanical component and domestic form a complete set, develop new product. Limited company of package machine of as above Hai Dinglong, president of fourth root dragon leads chief engineer total stylist and project technology personnel to inspect the United States, France, Japan and Taiwan area early or late, the means that uses cooperation of technology of China and foreign countries makes ability in swimming of our country newest generation presswork the model cuts machine and ability in swimming to presswork groover, ZYK full automatic computer control high speed is polychromatic presswork groovy model is cut machine was 2001 of development achieve international the product of new and high technology of advanced level, already approved for " project of torch of national level key " , already was approved to be by Shanghai " company of new and high technology " acquire national level new product, bureau of national property right grants 8 patent, the product is popular 30 many provinces town of domestic, already exported 30 many countries and area. Vessel dragon company was opposite to satisfy domestic and international market 2002 of high-grade paper box presswork the model cuts treatment, with the rapiddest rate successful development development produced ZYKX full automatic computer is polychromatic presswork groovy model is cut machine and gigantic without bully super- large MW1720x1260S is full automatic smooth planish model is cut machine, fill home is blank, these two new products supply the market, be favorred by broad user. Imprint below machine use computer control, leading edge to send paper, presswork vacuum adsorption is transmitted, compatible type blows balata roller and double drawknife Chinese ink system, system of sideslip of slideway of linear of nicety of ministry opening slot, the model cuts a ministry to use constant displacement, automatic fast difference is compensated, ensure line fast consistent, the whole connection that pass motion uses the connection that avoid key, assure transmission precision for a long time. The new generation that is a delegate with Shanghai vessel dragon pressworks equipment still has person of north of Guangdong east, Shaanxi to imprint machine industry a batch of enterprises, representing equipment of our country printing machine tool to enter a leap the 2nd times, presswork for box of our country paper offer high speed printing machine of efficient high accuracy fetterses.
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