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New product of Japanese food machinery
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High-pressured low temperature is antiseptic device

Be by Japan development of a company goes can be when 60 ℃ , use 6000 standards atmosphere to undertake antiseptic processing to food, reduce the amount of mould and gemma bacili to 1/100000 former, and the state that does not destroy food organization. And general and antiseptic method, need to increase provision lukewarm to 120 ℃ , last 30 minutes at least, make provision original not only the construction is damaged, and reduce nutrient value.

Cucumber chooses automatically machine

It is Japanese benefit handle a technology with ambiguous computer image, developed the cucumber with admirable eye successfully to choose automatically machine. Because the accident of cucumber, degree of finish is errant, curve appearance changeful, long-term since support chooses artificially. Its work program is: With camera orderly ground arranges observation to upload the cucumber that sends in bracket, through image processing undertakes choosing. Choose the market fiducial by 1 ~ the decision criteria program of 3 grade is changed, undertake judgement identifying by ambiguous processor, choose speed to be 1s.

Make bread machine automatically

What the company below Japanese pine produces is automatic the charter flight that make a range, its exterior very washing machine of double like family expenses crock. It is good when using to wait for measuring implement to measure raw material measure raw material in proportion with spoon of measuring glass, quantity first inside devoted machine, the cap on the lid, decide good time to start electric machinery switch, bottom lamina rotates, raw material of agitate divide evenly, after 20 minutes stop automatically turn, begin to wake face, again agitate, wake again face, the latest ferment shapes, begin roast, ripe hind can roll out biscuit finished product automatically, whole process uses intelligent computer control.

Drier of the vegetables and fruits outside Yuan Gong

Company of food of Huang of Japanese Staff Sergeant manufactures the equipment outside giving new-style Yuan Gong, this kind of equipment is opposite technically the vegetables and fruits such as carrot, pumpkin has dry treatment, after entering a machine of the conveyer belt of greens Lai, above all illuminate of far infrared ray, rouse sirocco again, maintain temperature to be between 100 ℃ of 50 ℃ ~ , make vegetables and fruits rapid and dry thereby.

Make acetic reactor tomato patch

Place of 3 riverside industry develops Japanese Nagasaki to apply the potato of biology reactor to make acetic equipment, its craft is potato liquefaction and saccharify, classics centrifuge makes raw material juice, secure yeast and acetic acid bacterium solid photograph is formed inside graininess cyst, fill up ferment in acetic acid inside groove; When in a steady stream of raw material fluid flooey of ceaseless inpour reaction keeps abreast of a reaction, pour out of sweet vinegar continuously, use this kind of device its are enzymatic when with acetic acid bacterium can grow, use continuously, quality is stable, the time that build vinegar reduces 3/4, compare with rice vinegar photograph, contain the amino acid with more calcium and indispensible human body tomato patch.
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