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Package machine classification
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Level of state of People's Republic of China - package machine is classified (GB/T 19357-2003) 1. This limits   standard provided the classified principle of package machine, category and name. This standard applies to package machine product name and industry government. 2. Normative sex cites the clause in following file passes file   the cite and makes this standard provision of this standard. The citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally. GB/T 4122.2-1996 of   of   of foundation of the term of GB/T 4122.1-1996 that pack packs term machine 3. Classified principle 3.1 standards with package machine product of main function different as differentiate the principle of the category, undertake classified to package machine product. Of all kinds product defines detailed to see GB/T 4122.1 and GB/T 4122.2. The 3.2 package machine products in same category differentiate further by its function principle. The implementation method of method of the 3.3 products that pack can be reflected in the series of the product. The method of data of the 3.4 products that pack, container can be reflected in the breed of the product. The appearance means of the 3.5 products that pack can be reflected in the norms of the product. 4. The category of package machine product and name   are finished all or 4.1 filling machine   will pack the machine that packs a process partly stock is pressed book a quantity to fill up to the machine inside container. Filling machine of 4.1.1 cubage type, include: Filling machine of measuring glass type; Filling machine of air current type; Filling machine of force plunger type; Screw type filling machine; Metric pump type is abandoned fill machine; Intubate type filling machine. 4.1.2 call heavy style filling machine, include: Odd balance is fought say to weigh filling machine; Combined-type says to be abandoned again fill machine; Continuous say to be abandoned again fill machine. 4.1.3 computation filling machine, include: Odd a computation filling machine; Many computation filling machine; Time filling machine.   of machine of 4.2 fill outfit presses liquid product book quantity perfusion to the machine inside container. 4.2.1 wait for machine of the outfit that press fill; Machine of outfit of fill of 4.2.2 negative pressure; 4.2.3 often control fill outfit machine; Machine of outfit of 4.2.4 pressure fill. 4.3 sealing machine   general product is full-dress within container hind, have the machine of heal to container. Sealing machine of type of 4.3.1 hot pressing; Sealing machine of type of 4.3.2 fusion welding; Sealing machine of 4.3.3 gland type; Sealing machine of the 4.3.4 type that press a place of strategic importance; 4.3.5 come back sealing machine combining form; Sealing machine of 4.3.6 edges type; Sealing machine of 4.3.7 pressure type; 4.3.8 roll the sealing machine that press type; Sealing machine of 4.3.9 suture type; Sealing machine of 4.3.10 ligate type; 4.4 wrapping machine   are used circle a gender to pack material to wrap packet of product the machine of local or whole face. The 4.4.1 half wrapping machine that wrap type. 4.4.2 full wrapping wrap pack, include: Fold type wrapping machine; Wrapping machine of twist together type; Juncture type wrapping machine; Cover type wrapping machine; Twine type wrapping machine; Drawing style wrapping machine; Shrink packaging machine; Skin package machine; The spot is epispastic equipment. 4.5 muti_function the machine that packer   can complete the multinomial process that pack. 4.5.1 shape - fill up - sealing machine, include: Box (box) shape - fill up - sealing machine; Bag shape - fill up - sealing machine; Strike out - fill up - sealing machine; Heat shapes - fill is installed - sealing machine. 4.5.2 vacuum-packed machine; Machine of 4.5.3 gas packaging; Machine of 4.5.4 blister packaging.   of of 4.6 labelling machine uses adhesive or other way shows ticket in package or taste the machine that go up. 4.6.1 agglutinate stick sign chance; 4.6.2 sign chance; 4.6.3 tag labelling machine; 4.6.4 hang ticket machine; Machine of 4.6.5 contractive ticket; Machine of ticket of 4.6.6 not dry glue. 4.7 cleaning machine   undertake to the container, material that pack, packing, package cleanness spends the machine of the requirement cleaning expectant in order to achieve. Cleaning machine of 4.7.1 dry type; 4.7.2 wet cleaning machine; 4.7.3 mechanical cleaning machine; 4.7.4 electroanalysis cleaning machine; 4.7.5 ionization cleaning machine; 4.7.6 ultrasonic cleaning machine; 4.7.7 combined-type cleaning machine. The moisture that goes up to the container, material that pack, packaging auxiliary and package undertakes 4.8 drier   purify, hand-in-hand travel expects dry machine. Drier of 4.8.1 hot type; 4.8.2 mechanical drier; 4.8.3 chemical drier; 4.8.4 vacuum drier. The evil living things that goes up to the product, container, material that pack, packaging auxiliary and package undertakes 4.9 sterilization machine   exterminate, make its reduce the machine inside limit. Sterilization machine of 4.9.1 high temperature; 4.9.2 microwave sterilization machine. 4.1 strapping machine   use strapping or product of stringy bundle up or package, be tightened up next and use strapping the bag to discount the machine that waits for material to had joined. 4.10.1 mechanical strapping machine; Strapping machine of 4.10.2 fluid pressure type; 4.10.3 pneumatic strapping machine; 4.10.4 wear belt strapping machine; 4.10.5 tying machine; 4.10.6 baling press.   of 4.11 machine for the assembly of unit load will pack unit compositive or decompose, form an appropriate machine that carries unit. 4.11.1 machine for the assembly of unit load; 4.11.2 stacking machine; 4.11.3 disassemble machine. 4.12 auxiliary packer   carries out those who be not the main working procedure that pack to concern a machine to packing material, container, packaging auxiliary and package. 4.12.1 printer; 4.12.2 collator; 4.12.3 examine machine; 4.12.4 choose not machine; 4.12.5 conveyer; 4.12.6 deliver makings aircraft. 5. Container makes the classification of mechanical product and name   make container, be like the machine of bucket, canister, box, box, bottle, bag.   of the 5.1 machine that make a top produces the machine of all sorts of cap technically with all sorts of material. 5.1.1 crown make lid machine; 5.1.2 glass build curl machine; 5.1.3 unscrew build the machine that make a top; 5.1.4 easy-open end make lid machine; 5.1.5 plastic lids make lid machine; 5.1.6 aluminous model build the machine that make a top.   of the 5.2 machine that make bottle drips makings of column form glass or get together the machine that fat expects base controls process of finished product container. 5.2.1 shape the machine that make bottle; 5.2.2 get together fat makes bottle machine.   of the 5.3 machine that make jar makes flat material the machine of finished product canister. 2 5.3.1 make coal tub machine; 3 5.3.2 make coal tub machine; 5.3.3 paper quality are compound coal tub product line; 5.3.4 helix winding makes coal tub machine; 5.3.5 4 winding coming back make coal tub machine; 5.3.6 different canister makes coal tub machine.   of 5.4 coopery machine makes the machine of tubbish container with all sorts of material and means. Aircrew of 5.4.1 paper bucket; Machine of 5.4.2 paper bowl; Machine of 5.4.3 paper cup; Machine of 5.4.4 paper canister; Machine of 5.4.5 paper tube. 5.5 make box make box machine   all sorts of material cut, line ball breaks the machine that makes container of box, box into the form of need. 5.5.1 carton machine; Forming machine of 5.5.2 corrugated box; Machine of 5.5.3 pulp moulding. 5.6 make the material that pack bag machine   create baggy machine. 5.6.1 paper make cement bag machine; 5.6.2 film bag is sealed automatically cut machine; Type of 5.6.3 a powerful person includes sack filling machine; 5.6.4 multilayer paper bag makes bag of machine; 5.6.5 polybag make bag of machine; 5.6.6 textile bag make bag of machine. 6. The category that the material that pack makes mechanical product and name   are used technically at packing the machine that material makes directly. Product line of 6.1 corrugated fibreboard the machine that   makes layer or core of two multilayer rows of tiles on a roof and paperboard corrugated fibreboard. 6.1.1 core trigger; Machine of glue of 6.1.2 back up; Face of 6.1.3 minutes of paper; 6.1.4 impress machine; 6.1.5 cut machine; 6.1.6 groover; Machine of 6.1.7 hammers box; Machine of 6.1.8 rows of tiles on a roof.   of the 6.2 machine that blow model uses air or nitrogen general base or sheet huff become the machine of hollow goods. 6.2.1 film blow model opportunity; 6.2.2 note model to play model forming machine; 6.2.3 pack a forming machine that blow model; 6.2.4 pull base to play model forming machine; 6.2.5 multilayer the machine that blow model. 7.   of of asepsis package machine is finished to the product below aseptic environment all or the machine that packs a process partly. Packer of asepsis of 7.1 bricks form; Packer of asepsis of 7.2 pillow form; Packer of 7.3 triangles asepsis; Packer of asepsis of 7.4 house form; Packer of 7.5 bags of big asepsis.
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