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Term of national level package machine (6)
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13. Technical terms of the auxiliary equipment that pack 1. Auxiliary Packaging Equipment of the auxiliary equipment that pack is right the material that pack, container, the machine that packaging auxiliary or package carry out those who be not the main working procedure that pack to concern a function 2. Lie between what insert device automatically to Automatic Partition will have amortize effect and make the product is placed by certain interval (paper) clapboard puts the machine inside container. 3. Gelatinize implement the plant that Glue Applicator manages coating adhesive in container heal. 4. Marker Marker is in package, container, label on print the device that roll lettering to pile up or labels. 5. Gas-flushing device Gas-flushing Device carbon dioxide, inside the container that the gas such as nitrogen fills full-dress already product, with device of airy of displacement container interior 6. Evacuating device Evacuating Device is smoked go the device that package interior air books vacuum to spend with achieving 7. Open box (box) machine Case(box) Erecting Machine the paper box squash (box) open the machine that books the appearance that pack with forming. 8. Collator Unscrambler is arranged and arrange the product that be packed, container, package and ancillary packaging material the machine that wait. 9. The position alternates device Position Changing Device has roll to package or container, retroflexion, circumgyrate and undertake assorted, separate unit 10. Conveyer Conveyer will be packed product, container or package send belongings of another working procedure the machine from a working procedure that pack automatically. General component is conveyer vertical and horizontal two kinds 11. Checking Device of engine of weight choosing unit checks the weight that be being packed or has packaged good product, the machine of the product eliminate that exceeds weight to allow an error. 12. Design tabulator Register Equipment will presswork periodicly the packing stuff that has character and pattern offers package machine, make just in time of the each product that be packed right the automatic tabulator of text word or design. 13. The interstitial place infuse between the contents that there is film in container and line when epispastic equipment Foaming Machine is used at the product to pack can produce plastic foamy raw material, the machine of the material of bubble body amortize that forms the contents that tighten a bag through chemical reaction. 14. Leaflet Feeder of data supply unit but the manual that will turn a code automatically Zhang Qu goes out and undertake fold one piece, put the unit inside container together with the product next 15. Directional the device that adjusts container of stage Directional Adjust Table or package to change direction regularly in carrying a process. 16. Allocate stage Distribute Table to will package a product regularly, container package or ancillary packaging material ask to have promotion by the different process that pack, drop or mutual and paratactic allocation guide for expecting at many the device on the road. 17. Transverse propeller Cross Wise Driver Propeller is perpendicular the device that makes at stock its undertake displacement. 18. Conveyer belt Conveyer Belt will pack working procedure individually or join of several machines that pack rises, carry the product that be packed, of container package or ancillary packaging material ship unit. 19. Thing of circumgyrate stage Rotary Table has feeding unit in carry. 20. Article of inverting stage Turning Machine moves in the commutation in carrying directional device 21. Gather stage. The thing with certain way of Assemble Table embarks on a journey build up and (or) statified assorted device
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