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Our country makes the first provision level of the compound state that pack
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The reporter standardized know of technical committee secretariat from countrywide plastic products recently, the general rule that the first normative food of our country packs kind of national level make the job had been finished. This standard namely " pack with general rule of compound film, bag " as recommend sexual state level to enter a newspaper to approve a program.

As we have learned, the plastic data that wide application packages at food includes polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, get together slant 2 chloric ethylene, get together the high polymer with carbonic acid fat, polyvinyl alcohol and other and new-style qualitative material is plastic. Multi-layer packaging material is will main material plastic the packing material that combines layer or two two above with the auxiliary material such as aluminum foil, paper, cellophane.

According to the whole nation plastic products standardizes Chen Jiaqi of technical committee secretary-general to introduce, our country already established more than 20 level that can be used at food to pack in the light of different composite material, and at present the whole world amounts to 1000 kinds with the composite material that packs at food, as the development of science and technology, new material still will emerge in endlessly. And pack the product variety that uses compound film and compound bag to reach shape method structure of much, product changes range of fast, application is wide, so, the composite material that is aimed at each breed makes a standard can never satisfy the requirement that food packs respectively. Make a general rule kind national level, no matter how is multi-layer packaging material combined, above all the standard gives main demand, to establishing relative standard, especially the standard that the of all kinds enterprise that pack establishs this company has direct sense.

According to introducing, this standard is our country food packs the first general rule kind national level, metric system collected all and relevant state level, occupation standard and partial industry standard in the process surely, still collected the relative standard of 10 many advanced countries at the same time, undertake integration analysis is chosen, emphasize reference the standard of Japan, England, European Union, Australia, United States and Taiwan area.

This standard set by the different material, requirement that packs method of requirement of the term that uses compound film, compound bag, classification, technology, experiment, test gauge to wait for a respect with what different honest legal system becomes. The technology asks to involve exterior quality, presswork 4 respects such as quality, norms and physical machinery function. In physical machinery function, fractionize tears off function to play force, right angle, come off force, heat adds up to intensity, puncture intensity, oxygen to pass through function of gender, hear resistance, compression, decline 16 requirements such as resistivity of function, surface, transparency.
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