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Form of intaglio printing of paper smooth protruding brigadier of 3 states label
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Come for years, paper is sunken imprint development of the product that pack is rapid, product industry diversification, quality asks to jump over hasten careful, especially smoke bag is sunken imprint on had great progress. But so far, have the bid of look forward to that each company proper motion makes only, and wait without mark of GB, travel. For this, the course tries hard with all possible means, smooth, protruding, form of intaglio printing 3 states level edits draft is about to come on stage this year, and paper tastes mark of sunken print and distribute to be being made in. This is pack papermaking from Shanghai (group) the decorate of light industry of limited company, nation that pack pressworks product quality is supervised detect Shanghai stands and the Chinese federation that pack is packed presswork the information that professional committee basically drafts an unit 3 times to get.

The our country decorate that pack pressworks the standardization job of the industry already began nearly 20 years, 3 states level is opposite the smooth, protruding that made 1987, form of intaglio printing the packing print after reforming and opening, no matter from raised product quality or aggrandizement level of management to have all in all stimulative effect. Deepen further as reforming and opening, pack as our country presswork the historic great progress of the change quickly of the industry, the basis that the enterprise manages to standardization and the standard produces to the organization gives more wide attention and take seriously, for this oar these standards edit afresh appear particularly important. As we have learned, these 3 state religion recommend sexual level already last year the end of the year passed the whole nation to pack presswork orgnaization of place of courtyard of the main production company of the industry, scientific research, universities and colleges, qualitative check and pack presswork evaluation group examines the expert learned man that many 30 unit such as product user comprises, already was in now wait for in approving. It is reported:
The standard of planography decorate presswork is like next altering:
1, qualitative to be more former exterior asks some edit and give as far as possible quantify, order go out to have already qualitative the demand that has ration more.
2, right " deviation of dimension of finished product norms " , " overprint error " reach " approve the chromatism that be the same as color together " waited for original target to be worth humidity to rise.
3, imprint according to the bag product craft and on machine (line) the new requirement that packs pair of wearability, new increased " the treatment after imprinting (foil-stamping, embossing, laminating and on, press light to wait) " , " wearability of Chinese ink layer " , " imprint after glazing of Chinese ink layer the wearability of the face " wait for requirement and index value.
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