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Occupation standard of demand of package machine security
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This standard of 1 theme content and suitable scope stipulated the safety of package machine asks, include to defend, operate and safeguard a requirement to wait. This standard applies to the machine that has packing directly and equipment. 2 cite standard GB2893 installs safety of complete lubricious GB2894 to indicate system of GB3766 hydraulic pressure is current of level of power of sound of noise of package machine of JB/T7232 of condition of current technology of system of pneumatic of GB7932 of condition of current technology of wiring of machine tool of technical condition GB5226 determine simple and easy law 3 general requirements the safety of 3.1 package machine asks to divide should accord with, still should accord with the provision that concerns specialized standard each. 3.2 package machine should secure product sign in clear position, mention expressly machine or equipment work normally an indispensible main technique parameter, be like: Rated electric current and voltage, rated pressure and hot temperature. The safe requirement of system of the fluid drive on 3.3 package machine should accord with the regulation of GB3766. The safe requirement of pneumatic system should accord with GB7932 regulation. The safe requirement of electric equipment should accord with 3.4 package machine the concerned regulation of GB5226 standard. The precarious position that person can create to endanger on 3.5 package machine must take corresponding safety precaution. Make the part of opposite motion, like clamp, cut etc safe distance must assure between athletic component, operation personnel is hurt by clip or cut in case. Can cause the dangerous device that pass motion to answer as far as possible inside park airframe. The component of the appearing whirl that affects person safety, shift or reciprocate must adopt preventive measure to its. The fixed position that appears on athletic component or salient must flowing or bring to bear on defend. The component that loosens likely in 3.6 mechanical movement must have the reliable measure that prevent a pine. When 3.7 package machine need to undertake discharging flotsam, smoke evacuation. Should contain corresponding device, endanger 3.8 package machine in order to avoid to go up to ask electric machinery is one-way only to operating personnel to cause when rotating, must go up in electric machinery or direction indicator is made write down in proper place. When 3.9 personnel enter working area to have bigger risk, answer to install safe guard in working area. When guard isolates the whole work area of package machine, work the critical part inside the area can be set not additionally protect plant. The setting of guard should assure working area safe distance. The 3.1 package machine that need to undertake operate or be settinged rectifying from the ground, should set the platform that accords with relevant specification requirement and the ladder that lead to platform to reach defend the corresponding device such as baluster. So that make when breakdown happening machine or equipment quit the job,orgnaization of job of 3.11 package machine should have interlocking protection. Should leave of safety commonly on 3.12 package machine close, below any emergency, press this switch can stop namely machine, in order to avoid the happening of the accident. 3.13 before machine or equipment enter athletic state, needing to remind everything personnel is reached is to leave below the circumstance of dangerous area, furnish answers on package machine alarm device. On 3.14 package machine due and clear operate markedly, all sorts of marks such as lubricant, safety or warning. Safe color and safe mark should accord with the regulation of GB2893 and GB2894, indicate medium graphic symbol should accord with relevant specification or regulation. The safe operation orgnaization of 3.15 package machine should be located in operation personnel easy operation and pilot position. 3.16 be in combustible explode the package machine of the job below the environment, the preventive measure with its machinery and electric equipment due and reliable device accords with relevant specification or regulation. Should ensure below the condition that 4 safety defend safe guard should assure to operating personnel to abide by operating rules on package machine of 4.1 guard 4.1.1 the safety of person. 4.1.2 pairs operate what personnel has risk to appear athletic component, should set shield. The 4.1.3 shield that change a condition for observing dangerous place carries should by safe and transparent material or other meshy material is made. 4.1.4 when opening guard to create risk likely, this device should as interlocking as package machine main transfer machinery. 4.1.5 when keeping apart guard to using photoelectricity pilot, approach critical work zone time when personnel, should accomplish stop in time machine. ) during package machine of A V6 4.1.6 is working, likely because be tasted by packing (if fill up,can light body) produce combustion, explosion or produce radiation because of its device, when danger, its guard should be used can prevent to cause combustion explosion and radiate, in order to assure the structure of operation personnel safety and material. Of 4.1.7 safe guard fixed all answer reliable, won't open by oneself, due and enough strength, stiffness, stability and corrosion resistance. All transmission dynamic on package machine of " of 4.2 actuating device appear component, if shaft coupling, gear, chain wheel is reached,the actuating device such as leather belt annulus all should press this standard and the regulation of concerned specialized standard to try to defend. 4.3 send makings orgnaization to use deferent container, the safe preventive measure with the material that pack, package or the due and adequate orgnaization of the article that be packed, if the setting defends column or it is dangerous to use photoelectricity control to wait to personnel enters working area and arise in order to avoid or prevent the container, material that pack, package or the harm that the article that be packed causes likely in athletic process to personnel. The 4.4.1 machines that have filling up the likelihood poses the article that be packed or container explosion risk below pressure or equipment must be opposite 4.4 filling machine compose guard of furnish of filling machine compose, be packed in order to avoid when explosion product or container fly off and cause harm to operating personnel. 4.4.2 in fill up poisonous when reaching insanitary article, must assure not to produce risk to personnel, its measure if: A. In the aspiration device that fills up working jacket sets effect; B. In fill up furnish protects a cover before the job; C. In fill up working jacket sets liner spray; D. Force control to fill up the process fills up with be being eliminated 2 times. 4.4.3 in fill up combustible explode easily when article, must assure to avoid to burn or explode, its measure if: A. Eliminate or avoid electrostatic effect; B. Install ventilated or aspiration device; C. Avoid to produce bright internal heat; D. The exterior temperature of the mechanical component that contacts with filling must the burning point under filling; E. Fill up below the environment that has protective gas; F. Force control to fill up the process fills up with be being eliminated 2 times. 4.5 heal cut and bundle up orgnaization 4.5.1 can cause personnel burn and scald add hot parts or unit, shield should be installed in appearing hot surface or heat up plate washer to wait. : Orgnaization of 4.5.2 agglutinate heal should adopt preventive measure, heat up frit glue scald to operate personnel in case. Compose of 4.5.3 double seaming closing machine, when rolling the roll that presses sealing machine compose to the component must add shield or assure its to work, do not touch reach operation personnel. The cut device of the 4.5.4 material that pack should bring to bear on preventive measure, if install as interlocking as main transfer machinery shield, adiabatic plate washer to wait, cut injury, clip injury or scald in order to avoid to operating personnel to arise. Orgnaization of 4.5.5 bundle up should be accomplished prevent to operate personnel to be bound by strapping. 5 operations and the staff that maintain 5.1 package machine to allow to had sufferred a technology to groom only undertake operation and safeguard. 5.2 package machine should have the operation instruction handbook that can coach personnel undertakes operating correctly. 5.3 package machine undertake checking regularly, lie in order to assure the function of machine or equipment and all component and safe preventive measure below regular job status. 5.4 package machine should be as far as possible below the condition that does not need to remove safe guard can undertake adjustment namely, lubricate and daily attention. Handiwork comes true to lubricate hard on 5.5 package machine or lubricant inside dangerous area part wants during the job, should come true to lubricate automatically. 5.6 during package machine works, must not undertake cleaning to athletic component commonly or clear. When if must be below working status,undertaking, the be on guarding that must adopt disappear to divide an accident measure. If use appropriate auxiliary tool. 5.7 need to undertake adjustment to package machine below athletic condition, when safeguard and removing trouble, allow to be moved through the hand only or have the aid of moves push-button switch to make package machine has campaign at the dot. 5.8 when if be in,be being safeguarded, the push-button switch of machine or equipment is located in besides position of operation of operation personnel place, or a few personnel work at the same time, should be in by person specially assigned for a task can have the job surveillance and can make machine or equipment stop the working place of machine quickly to undertake operating. As long as the job is undertaking, criterion this personnel does not allow to leave its position. 5.9 when package machine works, below the situation that creates operation personnel eye and facial ministry to get hurt likely, answer eye and facial ministry to adopt preventive measure. 6.1 package machine should adopt 6 noise as far as possible fall noise measure. Noise is the biggest sound pressure level is restricted to be worth the regulation that should accord with a country to concern labor safety standard. Noise of 6.2 package machine determines the regulation that the method should accord with JB/T7232 standard.
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