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Pack Expo International 2008
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Showpiece time: 2008-11-9 comes 2008-11-13 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Chicago city wheat takes an examination of American Illinois Mikehui exhibits a center [American · Illinois] Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: 1. Container and the newest gain that include material house to show chipboard, plastic, glass, metal and flexible package field and the innovation technology that show itself, reveal from the shop presswork outer packing is packed to erect type bag, have everything that one expects to find. The United States was pulled 2003 package machine exhibits Siweijiasi to establish container and house of bag capable person to ever gained huge success first. Exhibited the container on the meeting and material to exhibited a stage to increase 2005 30% , extend the requirement of business with satisfying what increase ceaselessly. According to statistic, the audience that has 33% mirrorred them to see newest container and material.2008 year exhibit meeting will the container newest development, bag capable person and other and auxiliary machinery are set inside the 3716 zones of smooth rice. 2. Newest innovation product displays a house to show those who come from a whole world to pack constituent choosing to send individually work of a series of the most advanced bear the palm. Through revealing annual the packing design of the richest originality, for enterprise the next the revolutionary plan that pack provides inspiration. 3. Radio radio frequency identified technical exhibition hall to gather to offer use technically at the wireless radio frequency that pack to identify (the ginseng of RFID) solution postpones business, they can help personage of the major that pack surmount " stick namely carry namely " RFID, can have the operation that pack complete conformity. 4. Center of resource of package machine security is used at preventing biology horror, distort pack reach forge the packing plan with sham product and technology. Sponsor square:

Exhibit an organization: Production association of package machine of PMMI United States forms a delegation orgnaization: Deputize of chamber of commerce of industry of machinery of chamber of commerce of branch of industry of machinery of stimulative commission of China International trade, China International: 100 favour exhibit Bayern Messe Guangzhou limited company Undertake square: Assist do square:
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