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MPCE Shanghai international is plastic container packs exhibition
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Showpiece time: 2009-4-8 comes 2009-4-10 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Shanghai agricultural exhibition (rainbow bridge road 2268) Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: 1, small-sized and plastic container: Apply extensively at the industry such as chemical industry of things of food drink, cosmetic, catharsis, daily expense, medicines and chemical reagents small-sized and plastic container. 2, medium-sized and plastic container: Apply extensively at planting lube, emulsioni paint, food, farming change, the industry such as alcohol, chemical auxiliary is medium-sized and plastic container. 3, plastic container makes equipment: The device of drawing of A, plastic extruding, equipment that note model, machine suction model, crowded blow hollow shape technology, multilayer squeeze in all hollow shape technology, half carapace notes model technology, heat to shape engineering technology, rotate moulding. The B, machine that make bottle, machine that blow bottle, make bag of machine, make case of a cup of machine, machine that make a bowl, eat the machine, machine that make jar, machine that make a valve, coopery machine, machine that make a case, machine that make a top 4, container pressworks technology: Silk imprints, the net imprints and imprint especially the technology of equipment, label, technology that prevent bogus, printing ink. Sponsor square:

The branch of green of society of Chinese environment science that pack, whole nation is committee of technology of the standardization that pack, plastic information of the science and technology of committee of technology of the cent that pack, whole nation commodity that pack signs up for a center Undertake square:

Shanghai bright luck can exhibit service limited company Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Www.china-slrq.cn Exhibit meeting specification:

]   of new form of plastic container    builds focusing of new opportunity   international platform
Plastic container packs the main component that is the industry that pack, apply extensively at the liquid state such as food drink, petro-chemical, chemical preparation to pack an industry. In recent years, use the rapid development of the domain as plastic container terminal, plastic container demand with year the rate that increases 20% rises, for plastic container and plastic container production enterprise provided vast market space. Cooperate to strengthen the communication of plastic container company, patulous space of vaster plastic container market, advance plastic container development and progress, by Chinese environment science institutional green packs branch, win the bid assist committee of technology of cent of plastic container technology is sponsorred jointly, shanghai Lang Ruihui exhibits service limited company to undertake " 2009 Shanghai international is plastic container packs exhibition " with will be in Shanghai in April 2009 agricultural exhibition is held, the joint efforts that creates enterprise and relevant user unit through each equipment and good faith cooperate, make both sides of supply and demand optimal reveal communication to purchase platform.
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