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Food of international of the 23rd Turkey is packed reach food to machine industr
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Showpiece time: 2008-11-5 comes 2008-11-8 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Center of CNR international exhibition [Turkey · Istanbul] Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Food machines machinery: Flour machines machinery; Oven, biscuit. Cake machinery; Cake biscuit chocolate and candied production machinery reach device; Ice-cream produces machinery and equipment; Potted food machines equipment; Fill up / heal is mechanical; Automation system; Carry a system; Quality controls a system; Digital measurement unit; Automatic date prints a system; Peng changes food to machine equipment; Food package machine: Stick a system quadrilateral; Envelope type package machine; Special package machine; Paper package machine; Shrink packaging machinery; Drawing package machine; Vacuum-packed machinery; Production, treatment and package machine; The film that pack is mechanical; Ration says to package facility again; Pillow type package machine; Container of the material that pack and the additive that pack: Ticket machine; Paper box is packed; Glass is packed; Plastic container; The mould that pack; Drawing packs things; Paper and polybag; Woodiness is packed; Paper quality is packed; Fold a layer multilayer pack; The metal is packed; Plastic pack; Plastic film; Bag; Plastic textile bag; Natural fiber is packed; Plastic with billet; The of all kinds additive that pack wait Sponsor square:

Turkey food is packed with treatment exhibit an organizing committee Undertake square:

Limited company of exhibition of Shanghai international advertisement Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Http://me360.net Exhibit meeting specification:

IPACK is initiated 1986, annual, by attestation of UFI of international exhibition alliance, be apart from the history that already had 21 years today. Already became the packing major with the most important Turkey to exhibit now, because should postpone meeting put forth effort at packaging industrial product reveal, attracted numerous come from abroad ginseng to exhibit business and the person that look around. Should exhibit 2004 can greet come from global various places in all 395 enterprises, exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 20000 square metre in all, increased than 3 years 13% ; In addition, professional audience amount reached 35000 people, and the participant of 88% can express satisfaction to should be being exhibited, was full of a hope to should extending the tomorrow of the meeting. IPACK  is to float the provision with Arabia the largest area packs trade fair.
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