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The environmental protection that have a boundless future packages data
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The contemporary black-and-white that pack 4 big pillar -- the growth of the paper, paper in material of plastic, metal, glass is the rapiddest, the price of paper is the cheapest, raw material origin is broad extensive, and unlike is plastic and not easy deliquescent, not as brittle in that way as glass, not as heavy as the metal also, facilitate carry. Additional, paper products corrupts easily, can reclaim already second birth paper or make plant fertilizer, can reduce air pollution again, purify an environment. Here, paper is packed with plastic, metal, glass the 3 old photographs that pack are compared, be maintained to be the green environmental protection that has an outlook most to pack presswork one of material.

One, green is packed presswork paper bag

Industry of Dong Hua paper limited company and Tianjin go in for sth in a large scale institute of special type paper is in east a collective trial-produce is successful kind of new-style, environmental protection, high strenth buries palace gauze green is packed presswork bag of paper. This product is to use waste paper to make paper basic material, in activity in series while, shui Rong yarn spin shapes to bury gauze green to pack for excel in presswork bag of paper. The starch is not made in producing a course, eliminate without acerbity, alkaline, waste liquid, using renewable resources to carry out while green packs a project the white in solving environmental protection effectively also pollutes a problem. This product buries group leader green to pack black-and-white product to have as high strenth very good bursting strength, moistureproof sex and the sex that prevent bogus. Intermediate medium water dissolve yarn can be in the water of 95 ℃ deliquescent, can reclaim use. Classics country is packed presswork quality is supervised detect the center detects, the product is achieved entirely classy tasted standard, the technology that acquires country and the area such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan is approbated.

2, paper pattern
Pulp model is a waste paper or finished product pulp break mud into pieces, pass vacuum adsorption, shape with mould moulding the process that is goods, abbreviation is paper pattern. Normally cent is two kinds: The articles for daily use such as the snack case that makes raw material production with finished product pulp, convenient bowl kind, pack with what waste paper does raw material to produce, stuff of gasket, stuff in order to replace the industrial things of foamed plastics.

Paper pattern is as what solve foamed plastics to pollute a problem and arise, it is industry of burgeoning environmental protection. Cause as a result of foamed plastics " white is polluted " increasingly serious, and litter handles difficulty, reclaim to create this advanced problem again, the developed country on international is already legislative prohibit production, sale, entrance, use. Compare via experimenting repeatedly for years, paper mould becomes optimal substitute. This goods can be met in circular environment be similar to a plant, proper motion decay is decomposed. Solid its peculiar geometry structure, have shock-proof, fight concussion function, and antistatic the flexibility with paper structure itself, be worth in force be equal in the test or excel foamed plastics. For this, the European Union promulgated 1991 pack presswork with the environment the regulation is made clear in code " packing in pressworking, avoid to use polystyrene (PS) bubble, replace with pulp model goods. " international Organization for Standardization published ISO14000 product (system of environmental administration standard) , the point is: "Heat and enterprise obtain raw material, product to make, pack, presswork printing ink, after service and use, till each link such as exceeding processing, must accord with do not destroy an environment, do not produce pollution, reclaim easily the principle of recycle " . The product makes enterprise consciousness implement this one standard, the social sense of responsibility that reflected a business and beauty praise degree.
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