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The new-style milk that makes by polystyrene is packed
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Recently K is exhibited on, the new-style shell material that company of ALPLA of BASF company combination rolled out to be developed for beverage of milk, yoghurt jointly -- Gao Kangchong polystyrene, mean polystyrene material to already also became the milkings with not high cost to package one of data from this. The BX3580 of BASF company polystyrene, pack through milkings suiting more after function is optimized -- no matter be to note the craft that blow model, still note help the technology that blow model, can use identical treatment device euqally with PET material. Its machine an advantage to depend on, with the low density that PET data phase compares, can reduce the cost of material of about 25 % ; In machining a process, also can waste fewer air energy, and do not need beforehand dry. The bovine feeding bottle that BASF company showed a money to be made with polystyrene material during K2007, new fund systole still should be used to cover tender material StyrolusR HS70 on bottle at the same time. The polymeric stuff covering sign with this extremely expensive diaphaneity, its treatment function and contractive performance are likewise superior, can pack the container with any peculiar appearances.