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Accept rice biology applies mediumly in food package machine
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Of accept rice biology appeared to provide a brand-new platform for the development of food project. Accept rice technology makes gene project becomes can accuse more, people can need according to his, the accept rice live thing that makes varied, facilitating human body absorb " product " , farming, forest, herd, deputy, fishery produces profundity possibly also to change accordingly, food structure of the mankind also will produce change subsequently. Complex of project of biology of the rice that use offer, chemical project " food " the amount of great and will rich food and sort, suit to it pack as mechanical as food also emerge as the times require. Because accept rice pottery and porcelain has good wearability, higher intensity and stronger tenacity, can use at making cutting tool, pack and the seal ring of food machinery, bearing with raising its wearability is mixed be able to bear or endure corrode sex, also can use at making the exterior coating of conveyer instrument and component of key of boiling and dry bed. Japanese Tokyo already somebody develops a success to be mixed from clean glass in the lab from clean ceramic tile. Its surface has TiO2 of rice of a thin accept, below smooth illuminate, any sticking corrupt in apparently material, include smeary, bacterium, as a result of the catalysis of accept rice TiO2, it is very easy perhaps to make farther oxidation turns these hydrocarbons into gas by the material of erase. TiO2 can be used at making the casing of machinery of container, food and manufacturing workshop wait. Germany studies the particular kind that with accept pottery and porcelain of Mi Gui radical makes does not pollute place wear-resisting is transparent coating, besmear is in glass, plastic wait for an object to go up, have anti-fouling, dustproof, be able to bear or endure blow, the function such as wear-resisting, fire prevention. Can use at the exterior coating of the component that pack and contacts directly with food on food machinery. Accept rice SiC, Si3N4 has stronger absorption to infrared ray inside wider wavelengh range, can use as infra-red suck wave and show wave stuff, film of sex of make it material or fiber. Accept rice Si3N4 is not brilliant piece to have absorb to close infra-red light optionally from Huang Guang, also can use at special window material. With make it of accept rice SiO2 fiber-optic smooth to 600nm above wavelengh transmission loss is less than 10dB/km, the micron that makes with accept rice SiO2 and accept rice TiO2 is done thick multilayer interference film, pervious to light the gender is good and capability of reflection infrared ray is strong, compare with traditional haloid lamp photograph, can save the electric energy of 15% . What these character can use in food machinery is infra-red and dry go up with infra-red and antiseptic equipment. Via studying a proof, go to the TiO2 of 30 ~ 40nm dispersedly in colophony make film, become pair of light under 400nm wavelengh to the ultraviolet radiation that absorbs ability strongly draws material, can serve as food antiseptic bag and last bag of optimal raw material. Technology of organic matter water treatment does not have degradation of smooth catalysis of accept rice SiO2 2 times to pollute, except spend completely tall, its advantage is: Smile core Shan aing shallow lake overgrown with wild plants seeks  of hill of  of  of the Biao that be short of rice huller to thank  of Piao of magpie of pull up of sheng of the She nationality of  an ancient unit of weight all flatter watersides  of lax of smile of tan1huan4 of rice huller Gui health mire  of Fu of Xun of health grave of  of lax of smile of  of Fu of  of Γ of Zhang of  of virtuous Pi Nao ancienting name for a water catltrop ancients name for a water catltrop to Bo, because this kind of hole with more expensive stuff is led (hole size is 2 ~ 50nm) and taller than the surface, be in consequently the applied perspective with filter to have with the respect such as catalysis adsorptive, important. Filtered to provide a vast development space again with antiseptic equipment to the film such as clean water, soft drinks. Environment of food machinery work is harsh, taller to lubricant requirement, and pollute an environment lubricant easy loss, easily normally. The magnetic particle size in magnetic liquid is 10nm only, won't damage accordingly bearing, and base fluid also can use lubricating oil, it is OK to should use right magnetic field only the place that tie of will magnetic lube wants in place, assure the normal movement of the machine. Accept rice magnetism is frigorific work is simple. Magnetism is frigorific the trend of development is develop to high temperature by microtherm, the accept rice group that makes magnetism forms a cluster, when temperature is more than 15K, its magnetism entropy changes prep above GGG(Gd3Ga5012) , become first-rate of lukewarm area of 15 ~ 30K magnetism is frigorific work is simple. 1997, the United States uses the frigorific means that entropy of spin system magnetism changes, development is magnetism into Cd the magnetism with frigorific simple work is frigorific machine. It and normally compress aeriform type frigorific means photograph is compared, have efficiency tall, power comsumption low, noise small, bulk the advantage such as small, free from contamination. This is food refrigerant with refrigerating equipment open up new approach. Balata and plastic it is to pack use more raw material with food machinery. But normally balata is to rely on to join carbon black to raise its intensity, wearability and fight ageing sex, goods is black, unsuited use on food machinery. Of accept rice material come out make be readily solved of this one problem. New accept rice each index all has modified rubber to rise substantially, fight aging behavior to raise 3 times especially, service life is as long as 30 years of above, and colour is gorgeous, the effect that maintain quality is exceedingly good. Common and plastic crop big, application wide, price is low, but function inferiors at the project plastic. And the project is plastic although performance is superior, but the price is high, restricted its are being packed and the big range on food machinery applies. Material of the rice that use offer undertakes modified to common and plastic polypropylene, achieve a project the function index of plastic nylon, and technical properties good, cost is low, can use in great quantities. Above listed the application that rice material is packing accept to go up with food machinery in a few respects only, but the position that shows cashier rice technology and material hold the balance adequately already. Believe to packing the effort with personnel of technology of food industry industry below exploration and development, of accept rice material more will bright tomorrow dazzing.
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