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Development of the material of our country food that pack is rapid
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Pack pair of food to provide protection, prevent food to accept the external world microbial or the pollution of other material, prevent or reduce food oxidation and other and harmful response. Pack in a lot of food in, plastic products and multi-layer packaging material have decisive place. because plastic reach the good point that contains plastic composite material to other data place is not had, come to our country nearly a few years accordingly development is very rapid, predict, the 2 plastic markets that pack still will rise 7%~9% . The competition of market of the food below new condition will depend on greatly the competition of the quality that pack. Must have with the data that packages at food cut off appropriately quality, if grease food asks sex of tall block oxygen and block are oily; Wet sex of tall block of dry food requirement; Sex of peculiar smell of tall block of balmy food requirement; And fruit, dish kind fresh food asks to pack those who have certain oxygen, carbon dioxide and vapor to pass through a gender again; Pack should have good mechanical performance, the tension that basically includes material extends intensity, be able to bear or endure tear off, impact resistance; Have good chemical stability even, do not answer with inside outfit food produces any chemical reaction, ensure provision is safe. Have even additionally taller be able to bear or endure lukewarm sex, suit the characteristic such as the high temperature disinfection of food and microtherm deposit. Because plastic material oneself is having very big drawback, be like the pollution to the environment, its are able to bear or endure Wen Xinghe cuts off the gender is overall wait for a problem as metal and terrarium, the food industry of flying development already to chemical industry, especially plastic products industry offerred new task. New-style tall cut off the gender is plastic apply extensively already in abroad, home already also introduced this technology. Use high strength is high cut off the gender is plastic the protection that can increase pair of provision not only, and the food that packs same amount can reduce plastic dosage, can repeat even use. Cut off high to the requirement the treatment food that the gender protects and the circumstance such as vacuum-packed, gas packaging, want to be packed with composite material commonly. And in multilayer what there must be an above in composite material is tall cut off sexual material. Home is commonly used now tall cut off sexual material has aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, get together slant 2 chloric ethylene. Rise as what food asks to protection, cut off the gender also begins mellow copolymer of better ethylene, ethylene, polyvinyl alcohol to apply. At present the developed country is developed and the PEN(of a few application gets together naphthalene glycol of 2 formic acid ester) will pack to the food of new century bring tremendous change. The chemical structure of PEN and PET(get together to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid ester) similar, dan Gang sex rises greatly, ability in swimming of block oxygen sex, block rises than PET multiple, and ultraviolet absorbency is good, be able to bear or endure good, gas sucks hydrolysis sex Fu sex is low, had installed food not to leave incomplete taste, can repeat use. The application of the active technology that pack will make a trend. Active technology is packed include to pack the interaction between the gas with the interior that pack and food. Active packs the nutrition that can carry provision effectively and gust. Because biology is material science, scientific gentle style packs technical progress, the active development that pack is very rapid in recent years. If pack the oxygen of surplus space to be able to quicken the oxidation of food, accordingly, deoxidize active packs systematic emerge as the times require. 70 time deoxidizer begins last centuries use at food to pack, among them iron department deoxidizer is a kind of deoxidizer with rapidder development, developed again ever since inferior saltpetre salt department, enzymatic catalysis department, organic deoxidizer, photosensitive deoxidizer is waited a moment. If can produce the active of sterilization agent,pack a system again, include the antiseptic system such as alcohol, it is to will feed grade alcohol to absorb a kind of carrier to go up, in loading food bag, can make food is in sterilization condition for a long time. And active sterilization material and phase of the data that pack are united in wedlock but in the material that Shan Lichun, Shan Li the material such as acerbity salt, benzoic acid natrium, silver-colored zeolite joins production container, make treatment become receptacle next, make its slow release sterilization active composition.
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