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CoolPoly heat-resisting electric conduction notes model plastic technology solut
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Manufacturing heat-resisting piece needs heat-resisting electric conduction registers model level thermoplastic plastic reach heat treatment plan to be announced by Cool Polymers company.

The electric conduction of Cool Poly hear resistance that is used at product of the 5 million models that note model when a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of preexistence bound limits is plastic can offer than the metal more advantages. These advantages include to do not have aerial effect, managing the weight of 50% above, lower cost and higher design are stretch. Electric conduction of company sale heat-resisting is plastic reach its standard and by this kind plastic made consumption carries product share.

Explain according to document, electric conduction of heat-resisting of peculiar Cool Poly is plastic and main also be to apply successfully at moulding heat-resisting piece, offer in electronics, appliance and the heat-resisting solution that apply on pharmacy and automation product. Also apply at air current watch to reach its to have select material expects likewise, and on more and other terminal products.

The reader can discover from inside this document other company product uses this plastic information likewise. These hear resistance that include other level are electric plastic at dielectric heating applying piece, fold empennage heat-resisting piece, heat-resisting interface gasket and functional heat-resisting piece wait.