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Two kinds of milkings " new house " pack quite
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New house is by FDA of a kind of classics the compound paper quality of attestation packages data (paper of pure arboreous fiber base the coating that add PE) , the paper of the cut of classics base paper, housetop shape that seal the working procedure such as the box and shapes on machine of milk fill outfit packs a box. City of new house one side became the delegate that fresh milk packs. Accompany those who follow a cold chain system to mature gradually, the application of new house will be wider and wider, what will make milk, yoghurt and new drink gradually is representative pack.

Recently, the author is in ramble supermarket when the milk products that saw a well-known company of domestic is packed, exterior is exactly like new house it seems that, but have again however differ greatly. Here, the incorrect data that pack, cost that pack analyses the author too much, the exterior that just packs to these two kinds does to compare, the reader has what view to also can be joined discuss.

Compare to facilitate, we and the new house that weighs a tradition is packed to pack A, another is packed to pack B. From the point of the first direct sense, the B that pack wants apparently it seems that white, want light. Look again, still can see, the A that pack is from the box top upside has " pull open " model of written characters, this is new house pack dozen of unique evolution formula, have very in the box " pull open " the one horn of model of written characters still is keeping the method that open and measure; And the B that pack is to have " straw aperture " , match with straw drinkable.