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Compression moulding makes a top is beverage packs certain core technology
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Go up oneself 90 time metaphase begins the century, the PET bottled drink that Coke Cola company produces uses plastic pilferproof closure to replace aluminous lid, what pushed plastic pilferproof closure beverage to pack thereby is downstage. After this, home has the packing enterprise of actual strength and drink manufacturer to introduce foreign device in succession, began the mass production of plastic pilferproof closure and application. Nowadays, already frivolous easily the plastic cap of open is packed spread all over beverage market, went to the lavatory not only consumer, also drove the rapid development of beverage industry at the same time.

Current, because beverage industry competition of home is intense, many well-known companies are using newest manufacturing technology and device, make the machinery of China that make a top and level of technology of plastic lid production have world advanced level. If Sa overcomes rice (SACMI) , Ao Keya (Alcoa) , Hesiji (Husky) , Demage (Demag) , be able to bear or endure gallop (Nestal) , Engeer (Engel) .

Meanwhile, the field is produced in plastic cap, note model and compression moulding craft contend for also pulled open big screen. Undoubted, technical innovation is the power that expands progress.

Compression moulding makes a lid lead future to make a lid develop way

Compression moulding craft makes a top very simple, put mensurable stock upper mould is provided and in next moulds, fluctuation mould combines a model, completed the treatment to stock namely, cool next, drawing of patterns, finish make a top. The craft that note model makes a top as inject, push stock the interstitial part that sends a mould, till interstitial cram, next cooling, drawing of patterns, finished make a top.

Compression moulding shapes (Continuous Com - Pression Molding, abbreviate CCM) the new breakthrough that is the plastic products workmanship that appears nearly 10 years. It notes model craft to what have hundred years tradition (InjectionMolding, abbreviate IM) issued strong challenge. Reach environmental protection angle from bad news of specific power consumption, content integrated cost, in beverage industry, compression moulding makes a top is the development way that makes lid way with future now undoubtedly.

At present compression moulding lid held coke of Coke Cola, 100 things, unified, health master the portion of 80% above; Fruit juice of the tea beverage that child with a ha breaths out and soda water, PET that collect a source is to achieve more 100% . Compression moulding made lid craft take the whole world the portion of 70% , held the share of 60% above of Chinese. Although noted model machine to be adopted early or late,depreciate and all sorts of favourable sales promotion, but the development trend that compression moulding craft makes a top is not decreased. From 2001 later, chinese client bought the amount of compression moulding equipment to exceed the equipment that note model greatly.
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