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Roller canister is in plastic in packing apply
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Roller canister especially lens face roller to the plastic industry that pack an indispensable important part was not for equipment, no matter be,press delay, crowded go out or flow delay figuration to all cannot leave roller canister. What roller canister makes exterior precision quality and structure of in-house flow path is reasonable the stand or fall with treatment precision, will affect the quality of plastic products directly, especially more such to plastic film. Because this supplies the roller tube of a high quality to plastic manufacturer weighs a velar products particularly should. The sort of roller canister is various, and have its peculiar effect, by technological process cent has pressure delay a rod, pressure ruffian, shed Yan Gun to wait, by functional utility cent has heat roller, cooling roller, bring wait from roller, bearing roller, by the structure cent has roller of seamless steel tube, forging reach centrifugal mould roller to wait. Anyhow, the different technology of plastic products needs different roller canister, accordingly, as manufactory of canister of a roller the home is in carry on in the roller canister process that make, should be aimed at different products, different technology design to make corresponding roller tube, ability ensures roller canister is producing the effect with its are developed normal in the process. Why to no matter use,plant craft means, choice of the structure to roller canister, design, material and treatment make should accord with below a few main demands:

1. Roller canister should have enough tigidity, ensure in burden action falls, bend be out of shape do not exceed allowable value.

2. The hardness with roller canister due and enough surface, general requirement achieves HRC50 to spend above, have stronger anti-corrosive ability. Film is had fight flake ability, ensure surface of roller canister job has better wearability and corrosion resistance.

3. Roller canister is versed in tabulation face should be machined subtly, in order to assure dimension precision and exterior surface roughness. Surface roughness should be in Ra0.16 above, cannot have air hole or channel grain. The wall of surface of roller canister job is large want even, can make roller face temperature inhomogenous otherwise, affect product quality.

4. The material of roller canister should have good thermal conductivity, use normally cold hard cast-iron, special situation uses cast steel or molybdenum chromic alloy steel, no matter be to heat to still cool, all can achieve fast and even.

5. Roller canister design wants facilitating treatment, cost is low.

Be in to the special requirement of roller canister in filmy goods production pressure in extending to crowded craft giving a way, normally occurrence roller canister bears very big thrust, opposite goods produces certain detached power, the columnar bridge that makes roller canister is like bearing to go up in two upright bearing, cannot use general roof beam accordingly curve academic and formulary computation its are out of shape, use deflection total value however (include to bend deflection and cut deflection) formula begs his the biggest deflection. In the proof in actual production, the total deflection with roller mid canister is more than goods far allow common difference, because this must try offer compensation, otherwise the requirement with respect to precision of short of goods. Because deflection is in roller canister is mid the biggest, two end are lesser, consequently products appears among thick, the condition with two poor end, because method of this deflection compensatory has 3 kinds normally, namely camber law, beforehand bear law and beforehand bear device.
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