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Chinese technology of coating of Fu of back of circle of tall Ablestik8000 brill
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Regard semiconductor as the banner supplier of adhesive and coating product, chinese tall (Henkel) the Hysol below the banner? With Ablestik? In electronic manufacturing industry wide recognition. Chinese a when high company near future rolled out this domain revolutionary product - Ablestik8000? WaferBacksideCoating? (WBC) , namely Ablestik8000? Brilliant circle carries Fu coating technology on the back.

Besides at present besides the electric agglutinate technology of the mainstream, include steel net to presswork, screen printing and rotate spray technology, chinese tall WBC technology can help the experts that pack undertake besmear Fu more effectively in round to brilliant chip, can make sure the coating ply control after Tu Fuzhi is under 20 micron. Differ with traditional dispersive method, presswork or rotate the period of time with spray quite long need, will ensure chip Fu glue is sufficient action will assure agglutinate quality, and WBC sticks join forces and ply control outstandingly by right of its, can help an user realize a lot of different designs, the utilization rate implementation circuit edition is the biggest change, edition of more traditional standard printed circuit has taller use efficiency and lower applied cost.

The application with brand-new Ablestik8000 series OK and wide product is in conductor and semiconductor recipe, ablestik is WaferBacksideCoating (WBC) the conduction that craft develops and insulating material apply to dimension to be the tubal core with smaller perhaps 3mm, the QFN that can be used at COL, SO, TSOP and canaliculus core encloses a type. In addition, ablestik still developed the heat resistant material that applies to detached parts of an apparatus and IC of low power comsumption.