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Paper packs the new technology of the domain and new technology
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Increase of consciousness further as people environmental protection, the container such as tube of cup of box of carton, paper, paper bag, paper, paper is in global application is in Europe more and more extensively, use at all sorts of fruit juice, milk, cooked food, the carton that waits for beverage and food packs snack, mug-up to be seen everywhere. According to Chinese tobacco the branch covers about the data, place of the cigarette of domestic strong case that pack occupies scale to already was amounted to 56% .
What pack automation degree as people living standard and commodity is ceaseless rise, not only increase substantially to the demand of box of carton / paper, and of box of polychromatic to / of chromatic fold carton paper presswork quality and treatment precision also raised taller requirement. Should avoid hare papers a box in automatic fold waste product gives on machine, make fold carton is finished automatically on high speed packer open, shape, the craft such as backfill, heal, ask carton structure dimension is designed not only reasonable and still should assure a box piece adequate model cuts precision and precision of fold burnt box. Polychromatic presswork, short edition is vivid increase, rise presswork quality and treatment precision, reduce finished cost, it is carton is packed likewise presswork the market pressure that company place faces and difficult problem. Accordingly, use modern treatment method and new technology only, pack in paper presswork the automation rate that equipment raises ceaselessly in reaching process of the treatment after imprinting, settling time that reduces facility and work auxiliary preparation time, get used to the new change of the market ceaselessly, satisfy the requirement of different user, ability rises pack presswork the competition ability of the enterprise.
Paper container CAD technology
The software of relatively popular carton structure CAD on the international market, except the basic function that has software of graph of commonly used and seesaw pattern (high quality, fast spend what the ground finishs a figure to generate, editor, revise, tag dimension to wait) outside, return the special requirement that should satisfy carton to design, call the box shape structure of a graphical library and a choice satisfaction conveniently, dimension of input box body (long, wide, tall) with chipboard ply hind, can show instantly or print a box piece knot composition of a picture, automatic platoon expects, output a box piece the model cuts a material graph, presswork skeleton map and back line (blow mould bottom) treatment plan; The case that be designed when the user or calls a requirement piece after the structure pursues, want to input dimension of chipboard width of cloth and platoon makings clearance only, the platoon expects and can compare plan of different platoon makings, show optimize a model to cut a platoon to expect the graph reachs concerned parameter (if the platoon expects utilization rate of a number, chipboard) .
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