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Surface of the bottle that pack removes water a certain number of methods are di
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On the product line that holds a product in fill, good to fill outfit product (wait like wine, soda water) face of appearance of the bottle that pack should be stuck brush character of paint of label, spray or case to wait. It is the effect with be achieved better, the requirement installs the surface of bottle to undertake to the bag dry. In be being produced actually at present, use stoving to packing bottle commonly or blow dry method. Aborning, stoving is used commonly brush carbonado combined-type or type of hot oven drying, the device that brush bottle basically is to use wool to brush rotate drip of purify bottle wall. Because use a contact to handle way, the exterior of the effect that brush bottle and bottle has close relationship. Swing tower kind (like cylinder) bottle brushs the effect good, the surface that is not the abnormity bottle such as swing tower has some of part contact to be less than wool to brush, after brushing bottle, the wall outside this part still has water film to exist. In this explicit use process, wool is brushed accumulate very easily contamination, pass the wall outside giving those who give bottle likely and the influence packs quality. Structure of type of hot oven drying is simple, stoving is complete, but its heat power is great, working temperature is high, the requirement when automatic product line is decorated undertakes area is kept apart, when stoving, water portion need just can evaporate completely more for long, do not suit high yield to estimate online production, and calorie of bottle should appear in the job, when pouring the transmission system suffocate suffocate such as bottle, the bottle that pack grows too in the retention period inside oven, make detonate bottle likely. In addition, spend the product surface with higher demand to cleanness, cleaning, after fuller foreword, cannot use the method of stoving commonly, because want to be able to make sure those who pack bottle of surface is dry not only,this is, still must want to solve product surface and full water to be in because of containing impurity dry hind the water spot problem of generation. Play dry way, the packing process that assembles a product in fill namely uses the dominant position of pneumatic technology, accumulate and quicken what use fan to finish knife of wind of classics of high-pressured air current air current undertake blowing water, the water that can use face of product of air current general is blown get rid of. Home should blow dry plan to have with more wind knife: Use compress air sirocco to blow dry, blow with high-pressured fan sirocco dry, perhaps blow with high-pressured sirocco machine dry (the control outside using Gao Gong is made heat first) etc. The article designed a kind of new-style and efficient air cooling to blow construction of the dry facility that remove water, used the method that high-pressured fan cold blowing does, the high speed air current with ejective spout of support wind knife blows the incomplete water of bottle surface dry, do not need to use any heating installation. Should blow the dry equipment that remove water to include knife of 2 fan of a high pressure, tailor-made wind and relevant fittings to wait. The be assigned personal responsibility for of fan of classics of low speed air current that fan blows enters wind knife to be stationed in room, become sectional through what narrow ceaselessly next wind knife spout, form high speed air current to collect eject to the bottle that pack apparently. Knife of every tailor-made wind deserves to have trajectory height and angle adjusting rod, so that suit,blow the packing bottle of dry different figure and different measurement. In the Pt=5.5kw of fan rated power that uses in the design, rated discharge L=0.1467m3/s, namely the) below M=0.1768kg/s(20 ℃ , the forehead is constant pressure P=0.3MPa. Hypothesis fan works below rated operating mode, ambient conditions takes 0.1MPa, empty air temperature spends T0=20 ℃ . The air stream that fan generates enters fill to hold product line via 2 be assigned personal responsibility for the 2 wind knife of two side is stationed in room, consider be assigned personal responsibility for is very short and sealing is very good, the calm in can thinking be assigned personal responsibility for of air current classics enters wind knife to be stationed in the process with ejective finally room estimates a loss. In be operated actually, height of aperture of wind knife spout is smaller, the gets resistance of jet air stream is greater, the quantity of heat that whole system changes is more, according to the moving character curve of fan, its life will be briefer. So when set aperture height, want to balance the decision after the moving life of speed of wind knife eject and fan.  eject mouth guides it is better to bring Duan Yue weak point, so that reduce needless attrition loss, but also cannot too short, 3 times what use aperture to design height bester, do not rise to guide goodly otherwise cite effect of air current eject, the air current that can make eject is in cannot center eject to surface of the bottle that pack, the drip that brings about pair of its remain cannot be blown effectively except. In the moving process that plays the dry device that remove water, the pressure of fan and wind force character are a curve. In be not rated condition to fall, the method that can measure with the experiment gets the air velocity of flow of spout dynamicly, so that adjust in time the moving condition of fan. Additional, in the design that plays the dry device that remove water and installation process, the gush angle of fire that needs to notice spout of 2 wind knife is spent. Because of the matter that field limits, the two side that packing bottle line installed each by the wind of same fan drive knife. Blow dry efficiency to rise, cannot make the wind knife of two side is blown two pairs two. Because although the rate of air current eject of wind knife is very high, packing bottle possibly also apparently form sluggish dead centre and affect the result, and below the action that the air current that eject goes out flows opposite, can rebound come back, cause bigger eject loss thereby. On the line that carries the jar that pack, when the design besides essential consideration element, still should make necessary limitation to the traversal speed of workpiece, the time that ensures surface of the bottle that pack is blown by wind knife, also can increase fan zephyr knife to improve efficiency of course. Pack bottle in the light of fill outfit product play dry requirement, the article designed a kind of new-style and efficient cold blowing to do the device that remove water. The air current in construction of the dry to blowing facility that remove water undertook computational analytic, and in moving to equipment of pertinent question undertook discussing. In be designed actually, because consider vitreous bottle bottle model diversity, wind sword is carried in vitreous bottle when field of ejective high speed air current, need installs bottle to change an orgnaization; Mix to the protective screen effect of air current considering common flat catenary to drip rebound action, need to use special chain, animal farm at length, the article is elaborated deep no longer. The surface of the bottle that pack of the design boasts product of the dry equipment that remove water in Changsha light industrial and mechanical limited company is cast successfully postpartum, the unit is used related classics make clear, content of this equipment science and technology is high, the design is reasonable, treatment is simple, cost is low, it is good to play dry effect, very wide application perspective is had in the industry that pack.
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