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"PET carefe " of opening prevent pollution to improve plan
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Many consumer had met such condition: The beverage hind that opens PET bottle discovers opening has the mildew spot of black, make a person disgusting really. In the research that how improves opening pollution, the article introduced to win a state the improvement of new-style and practical patent plan.

Existing opening takes whorl to be able to repeat sealed plastic carefe, its are main material is PET, cap basically is HDPE, sealed position is in opening coping, differ to be adopted respectively according to the size of force of bottle internal pressure gaskets, seal ring, sealed inside a place of strategic importance or seal ring and sealed inside the sealed form that union of a place of strategic importance uses, and of these sealed forms differ to be opposite only improve sealed function to produce effect.

Be in only as a result of sealed position opening, whorl part is to do not have sealed, from inside producing the course with drinkable consumer, a lot of elements can make opening whorl part produces pollution, for example splash down of the beverage in process of outfit of fill of rich nutrition beverage arrives opening whorl part, below bacterium and airy action, opening whorl appears the phenomenon of mildewy, accumulative splash; Or carry and store undesirable environment brings about the process clean before opening whorl pollution, for example when beverage sale put for a long time in glacial water.

A lot of consumer can experience the contamination that after opening cap, discovers opening whorl is in, because cap has been opened, complained effect is finite, be forced avowed and hapless. From the point of drinkable habit, major customer is drinkable and plastic when bottled beverage need not straw, it is to use a mouth to include opening directly, the contaminant that whorl is in is met as enter system inside, this kind of phenomenon is highlighted especially on children body.

In fact, a lot of beverage produce business to face this problem, and also adopting all sorts of methods to solve, if control fill to hold an amount, reduce fill to install what convey to close over to shake, the opening before close over is cleaned etc, but often still appear this problem, and all sorts of current methods cannot be solved at all, the glibly fluid that if heat up fill outfit,asks and spill over even if contradict. The product of this kind of blemish exceeds 1 % even sometimes, manufacturing business often reclaims because of interior of this problem occurrence product, carrying the pollution with sale process to also be controlled hard additionally, the product that sheds finally to consumer hand is not little also, bring about complain, affect product reputation badly.

Look from the blemish case study above, the problem basically is opening whorl part is done not have sealed, the food from the market is packed look, already a few protect consumer but the design of place of direct bring into contact with, for example the glue lid on eight treasures congee, but these packing is adscititious go up, sealed effect is general, and cost raises more, still do not have this kind of protection to pack in plastic carefe. So have a kind simple and is cost sent be packed exorbitantly? We offer a kind of practical, feasible way.
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